Monday, January 13, 2014

The Liberian MICROSCOPE Newspaper published the following report on Monday morning as coverage of Len Lindstrom's interview the previous Friday morning on the hard-hitting Costa show on HOTT FM which had taken place three days earlier on January 10th 2014, just hours before Liberty was assigned and called to the Supreme Court to receive the ruling and Final Judgment in the case of Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia



EXTORTIONISTS – Canadian Investor Terms Government Officials

Monday January 13 2014


A Canadian businessman has openly termed alleged corrupt officials in the government of Liberia as extortionist and thieves.

According to Mr. Len Lindstrom, President and Chief Executive Officer of Liberty International Mineral Cooperation, contracts intended for him had been diverted to other companies due to his refusal to pay bribes demanded by government officials.

Mr. Lindstrom, who spoke on the Costa Show on Hott FM on Friday, January 10, added that he got involved in the mineral sector through the invitation of the Government of Liberia. 

He noted that several government officials, whom he refused to name, demanded that he (Mr. Lindstrom) pays bribes to protect his investment instead of government's account.

He disclosed that his operational license for Gbarpolu and other counties in which they explored mineral were terminated after he rejected their request to pay huge sum of money. 

The business tycoon revealed that the subsidiary company of Liberty International Mineral Cooperation began operation in Liberia with twenty-four Geologists and over three hundred employees. 

He said they were exploring in Grand Kru, Maryland, Grand Gedeh, Nimba, in Upper Bong , Gbarpolu, Rivercess, Margibi, and Montserrado Counties.

He added that they conducted exploration exercises in these counties before the signing of their contract in 2009.

Instead of signing the agreement, after the exploration exercise, Mr. Lindstrom noted, the government told them they were reviewing the contract.

“On September 18, 2009, they signed five out of the seven licenses and left out two which had great prospects and would have generate huge sum of money for the company” said the LIMC President.

 The angry business claimed that after a court's order informing people not to buy properties belonging to his company, on December 6, 2010, officials of Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy allegedly violated the court's order and sold areas already explored by his company. 

He said that Liberty International Mineral Cooperation had invested over US$20 million in Liberia. 

The frustrated businessman felt disappointed after he was told Lands, Mines and Energy's officials to give kickbacks before they could sign his agreement which he refused and the contract was allegedly awarded to another company that chose to pay such bribes.

Meanwhile, with this damaging allegation against the Government of Liberia by a Canadian investor, political analysts are saying that the claim might scare away potential investors.