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Saturday, March 15, 2014



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LIBERIA: Facts VS False Accusations - Truth VS Lies, Len Lindstrom Announces Website Slams Ex-Officials Over Accusation


Submitted by Cholo Brooks on Sat, 03/15/2014 - 19:48

March 15 2014

Full Statement Released To The Liberian Media On Wednesday March 12  2014 in Monrovia By Mr. Len Lindstrom


Ladies and Gentlemen, people of Liberia, and respected members of the fourth estate –

this press conference is being held for the primary purpose of announcing that you can now receive your own copy of the “Corruption 101” book – something that has been constantly and earnestly requested ever since the book was published two months ago, so I will begin by giving instructions as to how you can now download the e-book from a new website entitled ‘’ – and I will also explain how, providing you are a bona fide Liberian citizen living in Liberia – you can receive the book FREE as my personal gift to every Liberian citizen.


Following that information I will proceed to use FACTS to clearly refute and tear to shreds – the myriad of false accusations and outright blatant lies published by a group of Ex-Officials of Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) during their big Press Conference two weeks ago, which media release was nothing more than a malicious, slanderous and libelous attempt to intentionally denigrate, vilify and demonize my character and reputation, in what I have been told the majority of local readers who are well accustomed to the conniving tricks of some government officials immediately recognized as an intentional “smokescreen” to cloud or obscure the illegal activities which took place at MLME and for which these ex-officials have been openly exposed in the Corruption 101 book – and further indicates all the more reason why it is imperative that every Liberian who wants to know the truth is able to access the TRUE FACTS behind the Liberty case – because as surely as light dispels darkness, TRUTH WILL ALWAYS DISPEL LIES – AND DOCUMENTED FACTS WILL REVEAL THE INTENTION BEHIND THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS – or as the great pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi, so succinctly stated, “TRUTH WILL NEVER DAMAGE A CAUSE THAT IS JUST.”


But first, as most of you know, I, Len Lindstrom, President CEO of Liberty International Mineral Corp and the Liberty Group of Companies here in Liberia, held a press conference two months ago on January 5 2014 in which I announced that a well documented 618-page book had been published entitled “Corruption 101 - Liberia Style”, which rapidly caught the attention of much of the Liberian population as it openly exposed and documented the illegal activities of numerous executives who have presided over affairs in the Resource Sector.


The book immediately became the talk of the town and number one conversation piece in the nation as it openly revealed government-appointed officials whose illegal actions amounted to deliberate economic sabotage of our Liberty companies, and detailed numerous events during the five long frustrating years of Liberty attempting to resolve the issue with this group of totally recalcitrant, self-agenda-driven executives at MLME, which eventually developed into a lengthy legal process that increasingly gained international attention as it became one – and just one – of many high-profile stories of corruption that have collectively resulted in impeding much needed investment and greater development in the nation for the betterment of all Liberian lifestyles.


Following that initial press conference and several newspaper stories and radio interviews which followed, there was one clamoring question that I have been constantly barraged with – Where can I get a copy of the Corruption Book?


In fact, the hunger for the book was so great that many people literally chased me down the streets of Monrovia, shouting, “The Corruption book – I need a copy of the Corruption book” – but unfortunately it was impossible to place a copy in the hands of the thousands of people who requested it – as it cost US$72 per copy to print each book, and even though I was frequently offered $100 to $200 for a book, to date I have not sold a single copy but rather used the initial printed material as a means to increasingly make the International Community and Foreign Governments as well as major Institutional Bodies and Anti-Corruption Groups more aware of the factual and documented details behind the Liberty story!


But the good news is – the book is now available to anyone and everyone via the internet, and because this is such an important issue to all people of Liberia, the website has been set up so that all true Liberian Citizens living in country can download the book completely FREE, simply because I believe this is a story that all Liberians need to know the true FACTS and details about!


In addition to being able to access the book, the new website also contains a “NEWS FEED” which will enable the reader to follow the developments in the case of “Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia” including the latest news articles, radio interviews and television reports – all laid out in chronological order and in one easy-to-access location.


To download the book, simply log in to and fill in the order form. The website has been designed so that it is geographically sensitive”, meaning that it will recognize if your computer or electronic device is in Liberia, and if so, once you have filled in your initial registration information, a category field will automatically pop up with two boxes – ‘LIBERIAN CITIZEN’ or ‘LIBERIAN RESIDENT’ – and if you are a bona fide citizen when you click “LIBERIAN CITIZEN” the price will switch to $0. The category choice will be a matter of personal integrity, but it is our desire to join with you, the common every-day Liberian citizen, in your quest and goal of rooting out corruption in order to see a much better and more prosperous Liberia for the sake of all those, and their children, who have been deprived of opportunity or suffered unjustly due to the corrupt influences and illegal activities fostered and condoned by various individuals in positions of appointed power – especially as has been so blatantly evidenced in the lucrative Resource Sector of Liberia.


All other people, whether non-citizens residing in Liberia, or globally, can obtain the Corruption 101 book on-line by downloading a copy at the much reduced and more affordable purchase price of US$29.99 which can be paid on-line by credit card – and thus receive the full details and facts behind the highly intriguing Liberty story which is also a “Must-Read” for every International Investor.




Now, let me address the devilishly concocted “SMEAR CAMPAIGN” recently undertaken by this cavalier group of ex-officials of Lands, Mines and Energy, all of whom have been clearly implicated and exposed by name in the Corruption book, as, in my opinion, these former executives have only succeeded in making complete FOOLS of themselves in the media and also seriously opened themselves to a massive libel suit in their intentional malicious slander and defamation of my character with complete DISREGARD FOR THE TRUTH – which in my opinion was a vindictive plan of retaliation simply because I, Len Lindstrom, had openly exposed the dastardly deeds that took place at MLME and documented said deeds with irrefutable FACTS – something I am sure these individuals are not accustomed to as it is my understanding they have usually managed to silence or chase away in frustration most other international resource companies who have been cheated, deceived or deprived by their illegal activities and antics in the past – but it must be increasingly obvious to them, and to the general public, that their intimidation tactics have not worked in the present case involving Lindstrom and Liberty.


Before I go any further, let it be known and clearly understood that it was not my intention to draw more media awareness to this diabolical fiasco created by the illegal dealings of Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, and I had no desire to get into some kind of spitting contest with them in the press, as I was content to simply and quietly wait for the full implementation of the Supreme Court Final Judgment – but being as these MLME executives have foolishly and deliberately chosen to publicly release such a pile of unfounded rubbish which they have ensured was carried in multitudes of local newspapers and also plastered all over the global internet in what appears to be part of their overt attempt to pressurize the Supreme Court to re-argue the case – which fact I shall address in more detail later in this report – they have left me with absolutely NO CHOICE except to openly refute and publicly disprove the utter nonsense they have maliciously spread around the world about me, and as such, I must set the record straight – which I will now proceed to do by contrasting their malicious LIES versus TRUTH and their intentional FALSE ACCUSATIONS versus FACTS.


But before we get into the real meat of this rebuttal, let us begin with a little elementary review of the English language as we revisit the definitions of a few key words:


  • LIES – are false statements made with the intention to deceive; to speak falsely or utter untruths to convey or generate false impressions or to persuade others to believe mistruths; and from a legal perspective means to deceive, misrepresent, delude, distort, falsify, fraud, exaggerate, and counterfeit; or to concoct mistruths, untruths and half-truths, or to omit major facts in order to intentionally distort the truth


  • FACTS – on the other hand, are something that actually exist, and can be proven to be true, or to have actually happened – in other words, a fact is something that is based on actual evidence and can be substantiated by documented proof or exhibit


  • TRUTH – in its simplest definition is the real fact, or facts, about something, the veracity or reality of something proven by fact and evidenced to indeed be real and/or to have occurred

Thus, you will understand why, in a Court of Law, mere accusations, allegations and denials hold absolutely no merit unless such accusations are supported by evidence and substantiated by fact – be it prima-facie evidence or an overwhelming preponderance of evidence – which leads us to the subject matter at hand.


Let me remind the respected press and all people of Liberia that on March 11 2011 the honorable Civil Law Court of Liberia, having examined the evidence and heard the arguments, adjudged the acts of MLME as “illegal, irregular, improper and unlawful” – which judgment would naturally include the executives who were responsible for committing the illegal acts,  being as an inanimate building with a Government Ministry sign hanging on its exterior is completely incapable of committing illegal activity ––and then, after having to wait almost three years, on Friday, January 10 2014, the honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, EN BANC, confirmed the judgment of the Lower Court and further adjudged the actions of MLME as “illegal”,  which FINAL JUDGMENT of the honorable Supreme Court was unanimous, binding and irrevocable.


Hence, MLME and the government-appointed executives responsible, having already been adjudged by both the Lower Court and by the Highest Court in the Land of having engaged in illegal practices, were left with only one remaining tactic in their futile attempt to cover their guilt which was to do their utmost to intentionally vilify, denigrate and demonize Len Lindstrom in the hope that their unfounded and totally unsubstantiated accusations would create enough “smokescreen” to obscure or mitigate the sordid depth of their corrupt practices and to potentially sway public opinion against Lindstrom and Liberty as a means of creating confusion and debate amongst the general public in their futile attempt to salvage their tarnished reputations and empty assertions of innocence – which reputations were not tarnished by Lindstrom but rather by their own illegal activities.


Ladies and gentlemen, you know that I am referring to the press conference held on Sunday February 23 2014, spearheaded by former Minister of MLME, Dr. Eugene Shannon, who was flanked by some of his former associates in the Ministry, Assistant Minister Carlton Miller, Assistant Minister Albert Chie and Deputy Minister John Nylander, who delivered to the media a lengthy Press Release with their four signatures upon it and which release was also reportedly signed by former Minister Jonathan Mason, former Minister Jayjay Roosevelt, former Assistant Minister Emmanuel Sherman, former Deputy Minister ECB Jones, and former Assistant Minister Murray Gessler, in which statement and following discussion with the press, these nine ex-officials made a concerted attempt to greatly distort the facts of the Liberty case – which press release, in my opinion, was a pile of nonsensical rubbish that completely failed to address the main issues and was designed for the sole purpose and intent of slandering and maligning Len Lindstrom, and as such was filled with nothing more than cunningly fabricated lies and complete distortions of the truth to hide the true facts of the case – something these ex-officials are reportedly masters at, without providing any evidence to substantiate their erroneous claims, exactly as had been done during the court process when MLME failed to file one single exhibit to support their false assertions and denials in court – as they simply have no evidence to support the concocted defense for their illegal activities, nor do they appear to have any evidence to support their wicked slander and malicious defamation of my character – because if such factual evidence did exist, they would have surely produced it rather than spout off another bunch of false accusations.


Therefore, let it be known that this document which is the ‘FINAL JUDGMENT’ of the Honorable Supreme Court of Liberia rendered by unanimous decision by all five astute Justices of the Full Bench on January 10 2014, is a FACT and it is based on FACTS already established in the Lower Court and confirmed by the Highest Court of Law.


Let it also be known that these numerous newspaper articles which have been flaunted widely across the internet to slander my character, are the direct result of the spurious and completely ill-founded statements intentionally and maliciously made to the press by ex-officials of MLME whose actions had already been adjudged as illegal by both honorable Courts, indicating that the MLME articles contained herein constitute nothing more than REFUSE GARBAGE suitable for little more than lighting fires or to be taken to the outhouse and used as toilet paper – as the MLME reports are not based on FACT but rather on sheer GOSSIP, INNUENDO, FABRICATED LIES, INTENTIONAL MISTRUTHS AND GROSSLY DISTORTED HALF-TRUTHS!




Without going into all the erroneous details of the slanderous reports, suffice it to say that I am personally quite shocked at the brazenly accusative content of these verbal and written assaults, especially when one considers that the nine well-known men who jointly made them are people of relatively high prominence and supposedly advanced education, most likely all university or at least technical-degreed professionals, several even touting the title of Professor and at least one with a PHD, and yet despite those many combined years of higher learning and education along with their combined years of experience in government position, the best they could come up with in their collective concocted defense, which was most likely prepared with the assistance of highly supportive but not overly intelligent lawyers, was to brazenly label, not just in their opinion, but to boldly proclaim as fact, that Len Lindstrom is a crook, a criminal, a fraudster, a thief, an embezzler, a wanted man, a fugitive, a pathological liar, a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and a snake in the green grass – and on goes the list of wonderful titles they have so boldly attributed to me – all foolishly stated as fact without giving one single shred of hard evidence of what they so boldly assert – and then Dr. Shannon has the unbelievable audacity to threaten to file a lawsuit against Len Lindstrom for slander! ON WHAT GROUNDS MR. SHANNON – for speaking the TRUTH in the midst of a pile of Lands and Mines illegal shenanigans, lies and false accusations! My friends – I believe the Truth shall ultimately prevail – even here in Liberia!




It may interest you to know, that despite the many libelous accusations so brazenly spouted off as fact by Dr. Eugene Shannon and his entourage of former Ministry cohorts and cronies, that I, Len Lindstrom, have absolutely NO CRIMINAL RECORD, nor have I ever had any record of criminal activity, nor have I ever been charged by the police with any felony or misdemeanor, big or small – not in Canada, not in Liberia, nor in any other country  –  and I am not, nor have I ever been wanted by the police, not even for questioning concerning any matter, and I am not a fugitive hiding from justice or from Liberty’s hundreds of shareholders from whom these Ex-Officials ridiculously state I stole millions of dollars, nor any of the other completely nonsensical accusations which these foolish MLME executives have so boldly and publicly made against me.


Furthermore, I can get on a plane and fly back to Canada at any time I so desire without any fear of being investigated, arrested or incarcerated – and the only reason I have chosen by my own volition to remain in Liberia as long as I have – which is almost 3½  years now without a break out of country to even see my family – is because of the absolute necessity to maintain steady and unrelenting pressure on this unfortunate battle we find ourselves in, having to fight against gross corruption and the continual and totally unjustifiable delays created by Government of Liberia and MLME in appropriately settling the Liberty matter before the honorable courts which case should have been completed years ago.




Furthermore, in response to the foolish allegations made by some misinformed Liberian living in California named Jim Cassell whose report was published in the Liberian press under the title, “Background Checking and the Lindstrom Debacle, in which he stated that this entire legal matter before the courts of Liberia could have been averted had Government of Liberia properly vetted the character and conduct of Lindstrom before granting him mineral licenses as they would have readily discovered that he was a crook and a fraudster, which was a completely erroneous assertion – nevertheless, this suddenly popularized theme was immediately picked up and further championed by Dr. Shannon and cohorts in their bogus news release.


But the fact – and FACTS are all that really matter in this dispute – is that there was not a word of false accusation to be found on the internet about Len Lindstrom until after the thriving company known as Liberty International Mineral Corp started being grossly manipulated, coerced and extorted by money-hungry MLME executives under their continual and completely unjustifiable threat that MLME was going to cancel all our mineral licenses no matter what Liberty did – simply because MLME executives were reported to already have other lucrative deals lined up under-the-table for the highly coveted Liberty properties!


Thus, it was the illegal actions of MLME executives which took place long after Liberty had already spent multiplied millions of dollars and years of aggressive non-stop scientific work in mineral discovery in Liberia, which created the few negative reports on the internet, most of which were written in blogs by a very small handful of people who did not even have the courage to use their own names, nevertheless, a few of which appear to have been justifiably angered investors who acting in frustration and fear of losing their investment and life savings and not understanding the depth of illegal activities taking place at Lands and Mines Liberia which were creating the problems for Liberty, wrote short notes of nonsense under fictitious names – which hardly constitutes a credible source of fact.


Nevertheless, after the destructive and grossly illegal activities of MLME executives had created the problems for Liberty, which amounted to intentional economic sabotage, these same self-serving MLME executives obviously conspired together on how to use this completely unfounded internet nonsense as a means of telling the world that Lindstrom is a shyster crook who embezzled millions of dollars and ran away with people’s money and is a wanted fugitive who can no longer return home, and who came to Liberia under the guise of an international evangelist and tricked or deceived the government into giving him several mineral licenses. Such totally ridiculous assertions only serves to reveal the utter desperation, immaturity and intentional malice of people who write major news releases or make such pompous statements of self-justification in press conferences while intentionally and completely IGNORING THE TRUE FACTS behind the case and WITHOUT PRODUCING THE SLIGHTEST BIT OF EVIDENCE in support of their fictitious fabricated claims!


Furthermore, and for the record, contrary to the bogus assertions of Dr. Shannon and his gang of former Ministry cronies that the NTGL government did not do their due diligence in checking out the character and conduct of Len Lindstrom, you will find two official government letters in the Corruption book on pages 577 and 578, which letters were written and sent by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liberia to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada – the first letter requesting information and dossiers concerning the character and moral conduct of Mr. Lindstrom, and the second letter expressing the appreciation of Government of Liberia as they stated they had “…the honor to confirm the appointment of Hon. Leonard A. Lindstrom in the capacity of Liberia’s Honorary Consul General” – which hardly sounds like reports came back that Lindstrom was a crook, an embezzler and a fraudster – thus the ludicrous assertions made by Dr. Shannon and his California counterpart are completely ill-founded and little more than futile attempts to further slander Lindstrom by inferring that the Government of Liberia was deceived by Lindstrom and greatly erred by giving licenses to a known crook and criminal, while at the same time criticizing the former NTGL government of failing to do due diligence on a person’s character.


Ladies and Gentlemen, in my opinion, all these renowned former executives have succeeded in doing by so maliciously attacking my character instead of dealing with the actual FACTS of the case, is to further confirm their own readily apparent guilt to the Liberian people and to the international community, and to further affirm the fact that they had absolutely no excuse or justifiable defense for any of the illegal actions they undertook while in government office, and for which illegal activities undertaken by government-appointed executives, the Government of Liberia is now fully responsible, and to further exemplify yet again the manipulative, underhanded and atrocious type of tactics employed and utilized by MLME executives to repeatedly railroad international investors out of country – once they have milked them for all the money they can get!



Now, to further illustrate the complete absurdity of the accusations made by Dr. Shannon and his MLME colleagues, they state that I, Len Lindstrom, not only embezzled millions of dollars and ran away with investor’s money, and in another statement that I misappropriated $7.9 Million Dollars, which are totally ludicrous accusations, but the real dandy is that I also took $4,000,000 (Four Million United States Dollars) of investor money to buy myself a personal office building! All I can say to such ridiculous accusations is that either they themselves, or whoever is feeding these Ex-Officials information, must be completely delusional from smoking dope.

The FACT of the matter is that my wife and I jointly bought the office building in 1981 for the grand sum of $120,000 Canadian Dollars and then rode the “Inflation Elevator” up over the next 30 years until the downtown property (dirt alone without any building) was worth approximately $1,000,000 – and then lost it at a forced fire-sale price from which I did not personally receive one cent due to the first mortgage to the bank, from which a large portion of the monies received from increasing the mortgage were put into Liberty in 2008, and a second mortgage which I placed on the personal property to a Vancouver-based law firm in order to maintain legal representation for  Liberty, and then not only lost the office building but everything else I ever worked for my entire life,  all as a direct result of the rampant corruption in Liberia and the continual illegal actions of these very same Lands and Mines executives who intentionally and maliciously destroyed the Liberty companies – and now accuse me of being a crook.

Furthermore, just to clear the air in response to another intentional innuendo made in Dr. Shannon’s report, while it is true that I, Len Lindstrom, as President CEO of Liberty, did in late 2007 receive a very substantial raise to $198,000 Canadian Dollars per annum in salary before taxes and deductions, which raise was appropriately and unanimously approved by the Board of Directors who were all sound and credible business men, which salary I then received for a little over one year which is a normal salary in the resource industry for senior management, especially as the Liberty company was booming at the time, and such salary is very small in comparison to the huge salaries received by senior management in larger resource corporations, but it needs to be known  and clearly understood by all concerned that I have not received, nor have I taken, one single cent in salary for the entire five year period from the end of December 2008 to present – in other words, I, Len Lindstrom, have spent more than five consecutive years working steadily for Liberty without receiving one penny in salary as I sacrificed everything I ever had or ever owned to stand fast and fight this ugly battle against gross injustice and rampant corruption for the sake of Liberty’s more than 700 committed shareholders of whom the majority also placed their life savings into the company – and it is for all Liberty shareholders, first and foremost, that I have continued on with this battle to my own immense and personal detriment.

Furthermore, no one in Liberty Management nor any Liberty Directors ever received or took a “Performance Bonus” even though such bonuses would have been deemed normal business procedure considering the company’s rapid expansion and growth – nor did I or anyone in Liberty management receive or take any remuneration or “Finder’s Fees” for raising capital, which by normal industry standards and practice would have amounted to approximately US$2,000,000 (TWO MILLION UNITED STATES DOLLARS) just for raising corporate capital – but no such actions were undertaken by Len Lindstrom or anyone else in the Liberty operations even though such payments would have been perfectly legal and normal business practice, but Liberty management, acting as a responsible and professional team under Lindstrom’s leadership, were all intent on building a solid thriving mineral business with an eye to future reward and not concerned about making quick bonus monies or get-rich-quick systems which would have necessitated extracting funds from monies we wanted to see go into exploration and expansion.

Furthermore, in complete contradiction to the many wild and crazy allegations spawned in the fertile imaginations of devious MLME ex-officials, Len Lindstrom did not steal even $10 from the Liberty company, let alone the millions of dollars which these deluded MLME officials state as fact were embezzled by Lindstrom before fleeing as a wanted man in hiding in Liberia, which is complete unfounded rubbish, slanderous trash-talk which amounts to intentional  and malicious defamation of character punishable as such in a court of law.

Furthermore,  while these same former MLME executives reportedly live in big fancy houses here in Liberia and many of them maintain their wives and children in America and fly back and forth to their families, and drive brand new  luxury vehicles, which I am repeatedly told causes the vast majority of Liberians to seriously question where all their money comes from – while at the same time my family who are innocent victims in this continuing debacle, are within weeks of being kicked out on the street as the bank which holds the first mortgage has foreclosed on our home of more than 30 years,  I drive a 16-year old 1998 Jeep which breaks down every second day, and I have to rely on a few very faithful  and committed friends to sacrificially supply every dollar it has taken for me to stay in Liberia to fight gross corruption and government malfeasance and the latest dirty tricks and never-ending manipulations generated by MLME in order to win this battle on behalf of, and for the benefit of, our more than 700 committed shareholders, our employees and our creditors – and yet this boisterous pontificating group of swaggering, unduly-enriched wrong-doers whose illegal actions have been clearly and undeniably documented in the Corruption 101 book and which actions have also been deemed as illegal by both the Lower Court and the Supreme Court of Liberia, have the completely irrational, reckless and outright stupid AUDACITY to call me A CROOK, A CRIMINAL, A FRAUDSTER, AN EMBEZZLER, A THIEF, A FALSE PROPHET, A WOLF IN SHEEP’S CLOTHING and A SNAKE IN THE GREEN GRASS! 

So ladies and gentlemen, next time these MLME Ex-Officials want to call someone a “PATHOLOGICAL LIAR” …. I suggest they do so while LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!




Now, let us leave behind their list of totally ungrounded and unsubstantiated allegations, and for the next few minutes, deal with some very clear and indisputable FACTS, which we will begin by first remembering who these former executives are who have made such preposterous and slanderous claims against Lindstrom – and see, if perhaps, it is actually the character and moral conduct of these Ex-Officials of Government of Liberia that should be the subject of serious investigation and punitive action:


  • DR. EUGENE SHANNON – who as Minister of MLME during his tenure was the individual who ultimately and illegally terminated Liberty’s licenses and then immediately within days of the illegal terminations began to issue illegal licenses to third-party companies which companies MLME had already been dealing with under the table – in complete contravention of the Mineral Laws and regulations which he, as Minister of MLME, was to oversee, and in total contradiction of his own signed statements that Liberty had the right to a hearing to contest the terminations, which hearing the Ministry under Mr. Shannon’s leadership adamantly refused to allow Liberty – an undeniable FACT  which clearly indicates conflict-of-interest and blatant abuse and misuse of government-appointed position. This is a FACT as clearly evidenced in the Corruption book by the illegal terminations seen on pages 386 – 390 and the totally illegal licenses approved and signed by Minister  Shannon immediately thereafter to Ascension Resources as seen on pages 391 – 392 and to Southern Cross Investments as seen on pages 395 –396


  • ALBERT CHIE – who, to list just a few undeniable facts, was the Assistant Minister of Exploration under Jonathan Mason who issued a brazenly illegal license to Mano River Resources over the Putu Mountain property when he and all other MLME officials and all Mano River executives, especially Mano River founder and director GUY (GUIDO) PAS, clearly and indisputably knew that Liberty already had precedent, valid and exclusive license to the property – and Mr. Chie was also the person, who in October 2005, along with Deputy Minister Mulbah Wille, wrote a strange and indictable letter to Liberty on official MLME letterhead requesting Liberty to make a payment of US$50,000 to Earthcons (the quasi-front consultation company run for many years as an on-the-side, conflict-of-interest mineral business by past and present MLME executives in which Mr. Chie was a principle player) and stated in the aforesaid letter that Liberty should deduct the same amount of US$50,000 from funds owing to MLME (in essence from Government of Liberia), which Liberty naturally refused to do – the letter signed by Mr. Chie and Mulbah Willie is in the Corruption book on page 570  – and Mr. Chie is also the man who most likely ate much of the US$432,000 in license fees paid by Liberty directly to MLME as per the Ministry’s instructions during the reconnaissance period of Liberty’s licenses which issue was one of many that were lengthily addressed in Lindstrom’s 18-page letter to Her Excellency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, on March 19 2011, which letter is seen in the book on pages 583 – 600, and the Liberty payments are further documented in the 88-page auxiliary book containing images front and back of all Liberty checks and instruments of payment for licenses – these are undeniable documented FACTS.


CARLTON MILLER – who while in the position of Assistant Minister of Exploration under Dr. Shannon was appointed as the front man for MLME shenanigans in the Liberty fiasco and who personally prepared and signed the completely illegal license granted to Ascension Resources, which corporation is little more than a bogus front or “phantom  company” for well-known, multi-billion dollar gold-producer, IAMGold Corporation, which company trades on two Big-Board stock exchanges, the TSX and the NYSE, as is clearly evidenced by numerous emails between the corporate parties on pages 466 – 489 of the Corruption book, and the illegal license issued to Ascension over Liberty’s Belefunai property signed by Mr. Miller and Dr. Shannon is seen on pages 391 – 393 and another illegal license issued to Southern Cross Investments, also illegally granted by Mr. Miller in conjunction with his Minister, Eugene Shannon, only three days after the illegal termination of Liberty’s license in the Kpo Range can be seen on pages 395 – 396, which illegal actions were undertaken in direct violation of their own Mineral Laws and Regulations and the official notice to Liberty of the right to a hearing which was intentionally not allowed as these two executives had already secretly issued totally illegal licenses over the properties – and Mr. Miller is also the person who frequently made highly coercive and threatening statements in front of witnesses on behalf of MLME executives against Lindstrom’s life, especially the threat that

“…if you cause too many problems for us, Rev. Lindstrom could simply disappear, SOMEONE COULD PUT SOMETHING IN YOUR DRINK, AND THERE WILL BE NO MORE REV. LINDSTROM”  –  in other words POISON Lindstrom with something like Liberia’s infamous “Alligator Gut” bile which is fatal with no natural cure  – in the event that I continued to pursue the Liberty case in court and created too many problems for MLME and Government of Liberia – the details are in the book and further substantiated by numerous email reports made as a regular part of business including to the Canadian Government.


  • JAYJAY ROOSEVELT – who replaced Eugene Shannon when he was dismissed as Minister of MLME and to whom Len Lindstrom went with honorable Joe Richards, highly respected Father Figure of MLME, immediately following the Permanent Injunction ordered by the Lower Court against MLME on December 6 2010, but instead of resolving the matter as he promised to do, Mr. Roosevelt, for what in most people’s opinions could have only been for self-enriching motives, continued on with the well-entrenched agenda of the Ministry to destroy the Liberty companies, as he issued and signed many more completely illegal licenses over Liberty properties to numerous third-party companies, many of which companies were from Australia, and all of which licenses Mr. Roosevelt clearly and fully understood when he signed them were being issued in direct, defiant and flagrant violation of the strict and highly prohibitive Court Orders and the Permanent Injunction which had expressly restricted MLME from undertaking any such type of action on the Liberty properties – see numerous illegal licenses in the Corruption book on pages 427 – 440 which licenses were all issued and approved in blatant and defiant violation of Court Orders by Professor Jayjay Roosevelt. This is a highly documented FACT.


  • EMMANUEL SHERMAN – who played a key role in manipulating numerous exploration companies for years while acting as Head of the Cartography and Geological Department and who once he had replaced Carlton Miller as Assistant Minister of Exploration brazenly continued on with the wicked agenda of the former MLME executives to completely destroy the Liberty companies by repeatedly preparing and signing numerous more illegal licenses to third-party companies over Liberty properties, in conjunction with Minister Roosevelt, all of which licenses Mr. Sherman fully understood were being issued in flagrant violation of the strict and highly prohibitive Court Orders and Permanent Injunction rendered against MLME – which clearly indicates that these Lands and Mines executives had absolutely no regard or respect for law, regulation or explicit Court Orders, and Mr. Sherman and his MLME cohorts repeatedly acted as though they could “spit in the face” of the honorable Court of Liberia with complete impunity and with absolutely no fear of consequence for their blatantly illegal and defiant actions – see numerous licenses illegally issued after the Court Injunction against MLME with Mr. Sherman’s signature on pages 427 – 441 and page 444. This is a FACT.


  • JONATHAN MASON – who during his tenure as Minister of MLME, acting in conjunction with his Assistant Minister Albert Chie, was responsible for issuing a completely illegal license to Mano River Resources over the Putu Mountain property while being perfectly cognizant of the fact that Liberty held indisputable, valid, precedent and exclusive license to that property, includingIRON ORE” as the Liberty license clearly and unequivocally stated it was for “Gold and MINERALS” – see Liberty’s original license on pages 513 - 517 which license was legally and properly granted to Liberty in July 2004 by Minister Jonathan Mason and Assistant Minister Albert Chie –  and if these two executives, or any of the other seven former MLME executives, cannot read or understand the principle descriptions in their own mineral contracts, or if they attempt to argue against the rudimentary, scientific and mineralogical fact that Iron Ore is clearly and indisputably a “MINERAL” they should never have been placed in such positions of authority in the first place – see numerous scientific sources describing iron as a “mineral” on pages 538 – 540 –  but the fact of the matter is that Mr. Mason and all other MLME  executives were fully cognizant of the FACT that Iron Ore is indeed a Mineral, and they also clearly knew that Liberty’s “exclusive” mineral reconnaissance license included Iron Ore and that no other mineral license of any kind could be legally placed over the same property  – nevertheless, they recklessly chose to illegally issue a second license over Liberty’s exclusive license for what can only be concluded to be for obvious and apparent reasons of self-interest.  The entire Putu Mountain debacle which involves Mano River Resources, Afferro Mining,  Aureus Mining,  Putu Iron Company and Sevestral, is thoroughly detailed and documented in several areas of the Corruption book and also includes undeniable documented proof of previous unscrupulous dealings between MLME and Mano River Resources to illegally acquire choice mineral properties which were validly licensed to other companies, indicating that the illegal Putu Mountain Iron Ore license was not the only incidence where Mano River seriously violated international BRIBERY ACTS. This is a documented FACT.

Furthermore, it is also likely that Mr. Jonathan Mason helped to eat a portion of the US$432,000 Liberty paid in license fees to the Ministry of Lands and Mines during the reconnaissance period of Liberty licenses in 2004-2005. On this last point, it should be mentioned that Dr. Shannon made reference in his press release to this huge sum of money amounting to US432,000 paid by Liberty for license fees in 2004-2005 wherein Mr. Shannon stated all these funds were deposited in the Ministry’s account in the “Central Bank of Liberia” in keeping with law, and then states, “At the end of 2005, an audit of these funds paid to the Ministry was conducted by the Auditor General and concluded that the funds were well used for the intended purpose,”  which is quite surprising to hear as it leads any inquisitive researcher to ask if this is the same Dr. Eugene Shannon and Deputy John Nylander who issued a Press Release on behalf of MLME on Wednesday, October 21 2009, in response to allegations from the General Auditing Commission, the anti-corruption watchdog Global Witness, and even Mr. Ban Ki Moon, head of the United Nations, regarding gross financial mismanagement and highly questionable licensing methods involving large kickbacks to Ministry officials, in which MLME press release, in the Ministry’s own words of their response, clearly state, “…the current management team of the Ministry inherited a broken system in which there was no regard for accountability or fiscal discipline. There was virtually no financial document in place when the current team assumed office.”  See the MLME 2009 Press release in the book on pages 55 - 56

Nevertheless, all these MLME executives who adamantly state they did not eat any of this money have to do to prove their innocence in that matter is to produce the official record of receipts from the GAC – General Auditing Commission – for the period of 2004–2005 to establish as fact that the full US$432,000 paid by Liberty did indeed end up in Government Treasury as they so adamantly state was confirmed by the Auditor General and that would forever settle this particular issue – but since Liberty later discovered that  some of its company checks issued to MLME for license fees had actually been exchanged directly for cash at the IBL bank on which they were drawn, and all other checks were either deposited or cashed through FOUR different bank accounts in FOUR different banks, which, in my opinion, seems to be a highly peculiar method for a Government Ministry to receive funds designated for one central Treasury, and thus appears to contradict Mr. Shannon’s bold assertion that all funds paid in license fees to MLME by Liberty went directly into the government account and were used for their intended purpose – so I will not be holding my breath to see this so-called evidence referred to in Dr. Shannon’s poorly constructed rebuttal. 

Incidentally, all aforesaid payments and instruments are in the auxiliary 88-page book which shows all payments made by Liberty to MLME and Government of Liberia for license fees and all payments during the 2004-2005 reconnaissance period have been photocopied front and back to reveal exactly how and where and in some instances by whom they were cashed or deposited – and as such constitute indisputable FACTS – as if anybody in government actually seems to care enough to fully investigate the matter because despite the fact that this material was all turned into Ministry of Justice almost two full years ago along with Lindstrom and Liberty’s firm commitment to aid the Ministry of Justice in any way possible in their investigation of corruption at MLME, absolutely no action is reported to have taken place to date and no official response has been received, except Ministry of Justice’s sudden attempt to use the information against Liberty during the Supreme Court Appeal argument  as if it was Liberty that had done wrong instead of the Ministry – which total absence of response from government appears to underlie the unwritten but highly reported principle of total impunity for high-ranking government officials exposed in corrupt activities.

  • ECB JONES – who was Deputy Minister under Eugene Shannon and who always purported to be a friend and support to Liberty and often stated that when he heard  Len Lindstrom present Liberia so positively and powerfully in International Mineral Conferences that it made him very proud to be a Liberian – nevertheless, in reviewing all the documents it becomes readily apparent that Mr. Jones was also highly instrumental in the manipulation game played by MLME executives as he also unjustly badgered Liberty and illegally terminated Liberty licenses – and Mr. Jones also appears to have been heavily involved in at least one of the completely illegal under-the-table license transactions which took place after the honorable Court had ordered all Liberty licenses reinstated, as Mr. ECB Jones, acting as Country Specialist Consultant for Planet Minerals of Australia – which company was comprised of several top executives from publicly traded Mineral Deposits of Australia to whom I personally, on behalf of Liberty, had flown to Australia and promoted the highly potential Putu CVI gold project to, and who then secretly flew to Liberia and unscrupulously negotiated and received an illegal license over Liberty’s much coveted PUTU CVI gold project with the apparent influence and assistance of Mr. ECB Jones and his other MLME cohorts, Emmanuel Sherman and Jayjay Roosevelt, who would have had to sign off on the illegal license issued to Planet Minerals on July 6 2011. See pages 504 507 in the book.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the descriptions of illegal activities of these Ex-Officials as listed above are indisputable FACTS clearly backed by documented evidence in the “Corruption 101” book, which book seriously implicates this entire gang of former MLME executives for their illegal activities and manipulations undertaken against Liberty during their tenures in office, and should leave the reader with little wonder as to why this same clique of mineral executives who have been openly exposed for their wrong doings against Liberty and Lindstrom, would now conspire and collude together to concoct a long list of absolute rubbish reports and outright lies to vilify and demonize the character of Lindstrom without producing one single bona fide document to prove their spurious and malicious allegations – which leads one to the only logical conclusion that the MLME Press Release and these resultant news stories are nothing more than an ill-concocted attempt to denigrate Mr. Lindstrom in the eyes of the public and to attempt to justify their own grossly inept and blatantly illegal activities.


Therefore, let us now take a few minutes to see what was intentionally left out of the MLME press release – which serious omissions constitute the real issues and substantive merits of the case which will further evidence that the entire MLME rebuttal to the charges of corruption is little more than a truckload full of complete “BOVINE FECES.

  1. Strangely missing from the report is any mention as to why MLME refused to acknowledge or to credit Liberty with the extra US$200,000 paid to Ministry of Finance for license and land rental fees during the initial three-year exploration period despite the undeniable FACT that Liberty had not only paid the extra $200,000 of funds in license fees for which MLME attempted to double charge the company – but Liberty also submitted copies of the official, signed and dated receipts to MLME on several occasions, and then Liberty even filed copies of the same official receipts in Court – nevertheless, on July 1 2013, Ministry of Justice still attempted to persuade the honorable Supreme Court that Liberty was in arrears by $280,000, which figure included the bogus overcharge of US$200,000 already paid by Liberty to Ministry of Finance – which clearly indicated that the false assertion of Liberty being consistently behind in its payments was pure “hogwash” as the true FACT of the case is that MLME adamantly and repeatedly refused to credit Liberty for US$200,000 already paid – which constitutes intentional FRAUD and CRIMINAL ACTIVITY on the part of MLME – and which continually repeated and completely irrational refusal  to admit Liberty made the payments eventually generates a nagging question – if MLME and Government of Liberia and even Ministry of Justice still refuse – to this very day – to acknowledge the payments despite being repeatedly confronted with the undeniable signed, dated and official receipts from Ministry of Finance – where did the $200,000 paid into Ministry of Finance go – and why was the Liberty letter dated August 25 2009, which letter clearly detailed the record of these payments, mysteriously removed from the official Court Record – and who all is being protected behind this BIG COVER UP over US$200,000.  No wonder Dr. Shannon failed to address this glaring FACT in his smokescreen attack on Lindstrom  See Liberty letter and payment charts on pages 337 – 345


  1. Another highly germane omission in the Ministry’s bogus Cover-Up report is the indisputable FACT that in 2010 Liberty repeatedly sent funds clearly designated to make payment to Ministry of Finance for license and land rental fees, but MLME, under the leadership at that time of Dr. Eugene Shannon, Carlton Miller, ECB Jones and John Nylander, refused to issue Liberty the mandatory letters of authorization necessary to make said payments to Ministry of Finance, and instead much of the funds ended up having to be diverted despite the strong objection of Liberty or else MLME would arbitrarily terminate Liberty’s licenses for non-payment after illegitimately refusing to allow Liberty to make said payments to Government Treasury – a fact clearly evidenced by numerous emails sent to the IBL Bank after which funds had to be redirected through a consulting company known as Artisha Consulting which is owned by former Minister Jonathan Mason or Liberty would face the arbitrary loss of all its licenses – this is a FACT which is clearly evidenced  in the Corruption book by numerous letters to IBL bank and constitutes Extortion under Extreme Duress – see numerous emails with repeated changes to designation of funds on pages 361 – 364 and pages 376 – 378 and on pages 384 – 385.


  1. Also strangely missing in the MLME press release which conveys their wickedly twisted version of the story was any mention of the FACT that when MLME finally extended Liberty’s licenses on September  18 2009, almost one full year late, which totally unjustifiable delay had already cost Liberty tens of millions dollars in lost equity  investment because of No Security of Tenure due to MLME’s continual manipulations and underhanded tactics played with Liberty’s licenses, MLME intentionally and spitefully LEFT OUT THE TWO MOST ADVANCED AND HIGHLY POTENTIAL PROPERTIES in the Liberty portfolio on which the company had spent the most time and money – namely the Belefunai property over which property Dr. Eugene Shannon and Carlton Miller immediately, upon illegal termination, issued what had to be a pre-arranged illegal license to Ascension Resources which, as previously stated, was the bogus front company for IAMGold Corporation – and also completely left out the entire Putu license and property as government officials were busy attempting to put into place a totally illegal MDA to Mano River Resources over a property they all clearly knew was legally licensed to Liberty – such were the wicked and secretive manipulations taking place at MLME – and later, after MLME had finished cheating Liberty out of the iron ore portion of the Putu license, and had also illegally licensed the Belefunai to Ascension, the remaining portion of the Putu license known as Liberty’s Putu CVI gold property was illegally and secretly licensed to Planet Minerals without MLME executives even bothering to attempt to illegally terminate Liberty’s valid license. These are indisputable FACTS.


Nevertheless, in almost unbelievable contrast to the true FACTS of the case,Dr. Shannon, attemptswith one bland “innocent-sounding” sentence to sweep the TRUTH under the carpet as he makes reference to the intentional omissions of Liberty’s two most advanced properties which were in highest demand by other companies who it is well known had already been illegally dealing under the table with MLME executives, by stating, “The Ministry granted extensions on those properties on which Liberty Gold had conducted some appreciable geologic work and excluded those on which minimum geologic exploration program had been conductedThe undeniable and irrefutable FACTS are clearly documented in the Corruption book on pages 347 – 351 which show the original extension letters finally granted to Liberty on September 18 2009 with the glaring and spiteful omission of Liberty’s prized Putu and Belefunai projects on which Liberty had already spent millions of dollars and years of hard work and made highly significant discoveries of potential multi-million ounce or world class gold deposits, which fact Dr. Shannon completely ignores as he literally “lies through his teeth” when he states MLME executives excluded those licenses on which“…minimum geologic work had been conducted,” simply because the extensive work and highly potential gold discoveries made by Liberty on these two “excluded” properties had greatly increased the demand and value of the properties and the much reported potential of greatly increased personal and highly illicit gain for MLME executives from the unscrupulous companiesthey were repeatedly reported to be negotiating with under the table.In comparison to this absolutely brazen lie see sample of the amount and quality of work done by Liberty on the Belefunai Gold Project on pages 463 – 465 and on the Putu CVI Gold Project on pages 492 – 496.



Dr. Shannon further states in direct reference to Liberty’s Putu license, “There was still one license we couldn’t do anything about because we TRUTHFULLY realized that he had not used it yet.”

My friends – what kind of smoke and mirrors “idiotic” nonsense talk is this coming from a man who holds a PHD and is generally touted as one of the most knowledgeable men in the Ministry of Lands and Mines – as he makes the utterly absurd claim that Liberty did not even use or exercise the license – when the undeniable FACT which Mr. Eugene Shannon and every MLME executive, both past and present, knew beyond any shadow of doubt that the Putu License was and remains Liberty’s principle and most highly prized mineral license on which Liberty had spent millions of dollars on the projects and worked the property steadily for years – nevertheless, once this group of guilty government officials found themselves seriously exposed and entrapped in their own self-spun web of lies, deceit and evil doings,  they could apparently come up with nothing better than such a pathetic, limp-wristed excuse and outrageous lie to cover their grossly illegal activities.

And please take very strong notice of Dr. Shannon’s use of the word TRUTHFULLY”, as this brazen, bare-faced, unblinking ‘LIE’ is a prime example of the kind of ‘TRUTH’ Liberty repeatedly received out of MLME and its horde of self-serving, lying, cheating, deceiving, extorting, threatening executives, which Government of Liberia still seems to want to protect and impugn despite their obvious and documented criminal activity! In total contrast to Dr. Shannon and his cronies’ statement that Liberty “did not use” its Putu license, see an example of the amount and type of geological work Liberty did on the Putu CVI property to get it prepared for major drill operations on pages 492 – 496.  As I stated at the beginning of this rebuttal – TRUTH AND FACT WILL ALWAYS DISPEL LIES AND FALSE ACCUSATIONS   – and TRUTH WILL NEVER HURT A CAUSE THAT IS JUST!





In addition, Dr. Shannon in his completely twisted Press Release and the following question and answer period not only claims that  Liberty’s Putu reconnaissance license did not include Iron Ore,  which is an outright blatant lie as the license indisputably indicates it did, but then Dr. Shannon goes on to say that it was impossible for Lindstrom to claim he possessed an iron ore exploration license and yet state elsewhere in his “book of inconsistencies” that he had applied for the license – which comment is simply one more bewildering example of the type of totally twisted and intentional smokescreen tactics propagated by these officials who are purposefully attempting to deceive  the public and the honorable Court system to cover their guilt and highly exposed tails.   

In fact, I find it somewhat comical that the investor has to explain to the former Minister of MLME how their mineral licensing system actually works seeing as Dr. Shannon and his colleagues appear to have developed “AMNESIA” or have conveniently forgotten how the licensing system progresses  – as the process begins with an initial Reconnaissance License for six months, extendable for another six months, followed by a Mineral Exploration License for three years with a contractual guarantee of two additional years, prior to, or during which time, it can be converted into an MDA for 25 years with extension – but Dr. Shannon again ridiculously attempts to use more of his infamous MLME “Double-Talk” to cloud and distort the entire issue!

The clear and undeniable FACT of the matter is that MLME and Government of Liberia granted Liberty a 2,000 sq km Mineral Reconnaissance License over the Putu which unequivocally guaranteed the right for “Gold and Minerals” which description irrefutably included “Iron Ore” – thus Liberty had a valid mineral license that included Iron Ore, which license was totally “EXCLUSIVE” to Liberty, and Liberty repeatedly requested the next phase of license which was the actual Mineral Exploration License for Iron Ore as was clearly and exclusively guaranteed in the license, which reconnaissance  license was not only in good standing as clearly inferred by Dr. Shannon himself when he stated that in 2004 Lindstrom “…applied for ten reconnaissance licenses ---and was granted them without any hindrance” – even though Shannon now intentionally attempts to deceive the public and the Court by misquoting the wording of the license and states “for gold and diamonds” – when the license actually states “for gold and minerals” – nevertheless, all the licenses, including the Putu Mountain license were valid, legal, in compliance and binding upon government, and the license clearly stated that it was “EXCLUSIVE” to Liberty and Liberty was entitled to “First Right of Refusal to obtain a Mineral Exploration License” and further stated that it was “Free of New Licenses during the Life of this Reconnaissance License” – in other words, no other license could be issued over the property during the entire life of the license  – which is an indisputable FACT, no matter how much Dr. Shannon and his cronies or even the most cunning lawyers in the world attempt to twist or pervert the TRUTH.

Nevertheless, MLME foolishly, recklessly and illegally granted a completely illegal license to Mano River Resources in total contravention of the Contract and Government of Liberia’s Obligation to Liberty, and Mano unjustly profited by US$145,000,000 for the illegal sale of a property license which had never been legally licensed to them – and which transactions everyone involved at MLME, Government of Liberia and Mano River Resources including their subsidiary companies Afferro Mining and Aureus Mining clearly knew was totally illegal and that Liberty had valid, exclusive and precedent license to the property –this is an UNDENIABLE FACT.

In addition, Mano River through its leadership, namely Founder and non-executive Director Guy (Guido) Pas and President CEO Luis Da Silva wrote clearly in a letter to MLME dated April 14 2008 at the conclusion of another major dispute over Mano’s highly illegal dealings with MLME which clearly revealed that Mano River Resources and its subsidiaries had illegally raised capital on both the Toronto TSX-V and London AIM  stock exchanges on property they did not hold valid or legal license to and which property and exciting diamond project just quietly disappeared off the Mano radar in order to sweep their illegal shenanigans under the table while the illegal iron ore license granted to Mano by MLME on the Putu Mountain became the crooked company’s next big stock push – in fact, in one of Mano River’s letters in the Corruption book, Mano agreed with MLME that they had never had license to the “Camp Alpha” diamond property which was actually licensed to and finally returned to (YDMC) Youseff Diamond Mining Company, in order to have MLME allow Mano to keep the Bea Mountain gold project which property was also in highly contested territory, and in which letter these same slippery Mano River executives clearly state in reference to the Camp Alpha properties, “…at no time did the Ministry grant us those rights, In other words, MANO NEVER HELD THOSE RIGHTS, therefore your Ministry made no error in this respect.”  


The Mano executives go on in their sugar-coated letter of gratitude to Dr. Eugene Shannon and MLME for allowing them to keep their so-called “New Liberty” gold project in the Bea Mountains by stating, “We agree with you that expenditures (effective; not alleged) and potential revenues to government should NEVER JUSTIFY THE TAKING AWAY OF ANOTHER COMPANY’S AREAS.”   See the entire lengthy write up on Mano and MLME shenanigans on pages 144 – 161 and this particular page from numerous Mano letters on page 568 of the Corruption book – and then let’s see if MLME et al and Mano River et al will live up to their mutual consensus and clear statements that the taking away of another company’s areas can “NEVER BE JUSTIFIED.”


  1. Still another glaring and extremely serious omission in Dr. Shannon’s groundless response to the highly documented Corruption book, is any mention of the indisputable FACT that despite the honorable judge of the Lower Court having imposed a strict and highly prohibitive PERMANENT INJUNCTION against MLME which had explicitly restricted, thwarted and prohibited the Ministry from doing anything with the Liberty properties until the matter was fully resolved in court, MLME executives still recklessly and greedily continued down the well-worn path of their clandestine agenda to deliver the final death blow to Liberty by illegally selling off all Liberty properties to numerous third-party companies – which is an extremely critical issue which should be of paramount importance to the Courts, as it readily and vividly reveals the recalcitrant self-serving attitude and unlawful modus operandi of these “Renegade Executives” in the Liberian Resource Sector who repeatedly exhibited absolutely no regard or respect for Law or Order or Court Rulings – which brazenly illegal actions are succinctly outlined in the BILL OF INORMATION filed by Cllr Samuel R. Clark acting at that time on behalf of Liberty, in which he stated that the Supreme Court had “…inherent authority to maintain the STATUS QUO of the parties to the appeal by PUNISHING FOR CONTEMPT any persons who violate the injunction,”  followed by the Informant’s Prayer, “… to adjudge the Respondent guilty of CONTEMPT OF COURT ,” for so flagrantly assaulting the sanctity of the honorable court – see detailed account on page 121 and Bill of Information on page 350 of Court Record 


Nevertheless, neither Ministry of Justice nor MLME have ever made any official response to these well documented illegal activities committed by MLME executives, nor does Mr. Shannon make any mention of them in his bogus press release, despite the FACT that such repeated and reckless defiance of Court Orders clearly reveals the high-handed, “above-the-law” manner in which these ex-officials continuously manipulated Liberty and the company’s  licenses as though mineral licenses were their own personal property to arbitrarily barter and sell as they pleased to the highest under the table bidders – and yet, despite all their blatantly illegal activity which is well documented in the book, they flagrantly continued with the same agenda in brazen defiance of the direct orders of the honorable Court – and despite all the indisputable evidence against them, this group of officials choose to attempt to baffle the public by calling Len Lindstrom the Crook, the Criminal, the Fraudster and the Embezzler – and let’s not forget – the Snake in the Green Grass!


  1. Still another glaring and extremely critical omission in the recent MLME press release is the indisputable FACT that MLME, under the leadership of Dr. Eugene Shannon at the time, refused to allow Liberty its legal and constitutional right to be heard, and despite stating clearly that Liberty had the right to a hearing to contest the assertion that a termination event had occurred, Dr. Shannon and his assistants adamantly refused to give Liberty its legal and constitutional right to a hearing, and instead Dr. Eugene Shannon and Carlton Miller arbitrarily and illegally proceeded to immediately begin issuing illegal licenses to third-party companies beginning with Ascension Resources / IAMGold Corporation, with which company Liberty had signed a Confidentiality Agreement and submitted all Liberty’s hard-earned geological data, and with which company it was repeatedly reported for more than a year that MLME had been secretly and illegally dealing on the Liberty Belefunai property  in exchange for a frequently reported huge bribe of US$250,000 – and also to Southern Cross Resources over Liberty’s Kpo Mountain property.  The full story is in the book and also See Cllr Clark’s letter to Dr. Shannon requesting a hearing which is in the Court Record on pages 1 – 4 and the illegal licenses issued by Dr. Shannon and Carton Miller in the Corruption book on pages 391 – 396.


Thus, one should not think it strange that such blatantly criminal activities undertaken by MLME in collusion with third-party companies which received illegal licenses over Liberty’s properties would be completely omitted from the public rebuttal of these MLME colleagues, whose clandestine activities appear to have been undertaken in brazen violation of the US Bribery Act, the UK Bribery Act and the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Officials Act – all of which is clearly laid out in the book entitled “Corruption 101 – Liberia Style”.




The spokesman for the MLME news release further states that Lindstrom “…alleges we (MLME) attempted bribing his legal counsel. These accusations can be easily refuted. Cllr. Clarke is still around and he needs to be questioned and provide proof where MLME officials have ever attempted to bribe him in this matter.”Regardless of MLME’s attempt to deny this highly illegal action, this is a FACT as seen in the email report on pages418 – 421 detailing the first attempt by MLME executives to BRIBE Liberty legal counsel to abandon or fumble the Liberty case, which reports of attempted bribery were not just made once but on many occasions over several months in front of several witnesses – furthermore, and of most importance, if the reports are not true then all MLME has to do is to have Cllr Samuel R. Clark of Clark and Associates give clear and very believable reason for the motivation behind his subsequent actions, be it pressure, inducement or any sound legal reason or justification for why he withdrew the original Brief filed in Supreme Court on behalf of his client Liberty and then filed an Amended Brief in which he arbitrarily and clandestinely CUT OUT AND REMOVED all references to the FACT that the actions of MLME were wrong and illegal for cancelling Liberty’s licenses “WITHOUT A HEARING”– which aside from all the substantive merits of the case was the most crucial and pivotal issue of Due Legal Process in the entire case, and which complete deletion in two separate areas of the original Brief could only be of benefit to MLME and Government of Liberia and as such constituted a serious attempt by Liberty’s own well-paid counsel to sabotage his client’s case which underhanded activity amounts to a serious BREACH OF FIDUCIARY RESPONIBILITY. This is an indisputable FACT as seen in the comparison of applicable excerpts from the two Briefs in the Corruption book on pages 581 – 582.Furthermore, MLME not only attempted to bribe, and by all appearances, did eventually manage to bribe Liberty’s original legal counsel, but MLME also repeatedly attempted to BRIBE the honorable Judge and Liberty’s manager – both of which honorable men profusely refused to have anything to do with the wicked attempts of MLME to induce them to do wrong!




In one of the extremely rare instances where Dr. Eugene Shannon stated anything that actually had some semblance of truth to it, he said Lindstrom erred in writing that Assistant Minister of Exploration Carlton Miller had been demoted in 2010 to Assistant Minister of Planning, when in actuality, he had been PROMOTED to the position –  for which miniscule and unintentional error, I, as a Canadian whose country’s citizens are world-renowned for saying “Sorry” for the slightest inconvenience, profusely apologize for said mistake in the book, as it appears that Carlton Miller, who while acting in conjunction with Minister Shannon had illegally issued licenses over Liberty properties was in deed promoted after violating his position – which only serves to confirm the frequent reports in country that government executives are often reshuffled and/or promoted for engaging in corrupt activities rather than being removed and punished.  My sincere apology to Dr. Shannon and Mr. Miller for that small mistake!




Dr. Shannon and others appear to have taken great pleasure in twisting and greatly distorting an article in the Vancouver Sun of September 2008, which was written by David Baines shortly after Liberty’s 2008 (AGM) Annual General Meeting, to which meeting over 300 very happy Liberty investors attended, and being as these people had to travel long distances to attend, Liberty attempted to make the semi-holiday weekend enjoyable starting with  a two-hour cruise out on the beautiful Okanagan Lake for which basically each participant paid their own $20 ticket to the paddle-wheel company, the Annual Business meeting was held the next morning complete with unanimous shareholder approval of financial statements and election or reappointment of the Board of Directors, the afternoon more like a mini-mineral convention filled with geological displays and reports by several Liberty geologists on the exploration work and discoveries on the properties in Africa, followed by a big gala banquet in the evening for which again basically every attendee paid their own $50 ticket, followed by an exciting presentation by Lindstrom which received a standing ovation, and concluded the next day with a leisurely time of fellowship amongst hundreds of shareholders who were mostly long-time friends at a wiener roast at the Liberty head office before these Liberty investors began their long journeys back home by road or air – which may appear a bit out of the norm for a corporate AGM but since when is it a crime or wrong to mix a little innocent pleasure with business – especially when just about all of the people present were long-time friends of the company president – and especially in a beautiful summer vacation spot like Kelowna BC – but the event certainly did show the amount of euphoria around the Liberty company which was creating a global stir and the undeniable satisfaction and gratitude to Liberty management for such explosive growth and major accomplishment in its first 4 ½ years of business, and if also proves that there were no problems with Liberty or dissatisfaction amongst its shareholders at that time – simply because the main MLME games of license manipulation which eventually created all the problems for Liberty had not yet started.


Nevertheless, the combination of a well-known, highly charismatic Christian evangelist with a world-wide miracle ministry at the head of the company, mixed with gold and mineral exploration, large tracts of highly potential West African properties, hundreds of Christian investors of whom the vast majority were long-time friends of Lindstrom, and a gala celebration filled with multitudes of happy shareholders instead of the usual cut-and-dried poker-faced meetings of most companies who would actually prefer their shareholders stayed home – and let’s not forget the moonlight cruise – all made for the kind of story that a reporter can put a real “spin” on and really helps to sell newspapers.


Furthermore, the article was written by a reporter who is well known to “never say any good thing about any person or any company” and who has reportedly been sued multitudes of times by companies he has written about – nevertheless, and despite such reports and his skeptical report on Liberty, I personally still hold a healthy degree of respect for the man and much of his work, as it is imperative in today’s increasingly corrupt money-hungry society that any possibility of White Collar Crime be curtailed for the protection of innocent investors being potentially duped, as everyone knows there have been far too many incidents where outright scams have taken place amongst fraternity groups and especially churches in what is known as “affinity fraud” where true deceivers and shysters infiltrate groups and promote get-rich-quick Ponzi schemes, bogus scams, and engineered rip-off investment opportunities which have absolutely no substance, after which the shysters suddenly disappear with all the investor’s money – and unfortunately, this reporter without knowing anything about Liberty’s operations or the true potential of Liberty’s properties and being highly skeptical that there was any gold or minerals to be found in Liberia, ridiculed Len Lindstrom primarily and principally because of his faith in GOD, and in so doing made a glaring and highly unfortunate error in his article which was based on this principle erroneous premise – in that he completely misjudged the true character, conduct, motivation and determination of Lindstrom, a man whom he had never met, to run a very solid and professional mineral company to the benefit of all Liberty shareholders – which incorrect, presumptive, and highly biased reporting included a misquote of Lindstrom’s stated determination during a brief telephone call to separate his unwavering faith in God and the Bible from the purely business affairs of Liberty – hence the completely misquoted and erroneous inference in the article that Lindstrom had done a 180 and turned his back on God and church which was absolutely untrue!


Thus the comments of this reporter actually amounted to little more than a biased and unfounded opinion – or in the reporter’s own words, his personal skepticism about the ongoing viability of Liberty and its operations in the midst of the Global Economic Crash – and was certainly NOT BASED ON ANY FACTS – in other words, the article was little more than an exuberant and misinformed journalist’s criticism picked up to make a very juicy and controversial story– and as such in no way constitutes or verifies any of the completely false and malicious accusations recently made by MLME – nor did the article have any bearing on the illegal actions taken by MLME against Liberty, which were completely unrelated to this news article and only in the last month or so has this article been even referred to by MLME, which further indicates it is just one more completely bogus and intentional attempt by MLME to justify their self-serving and reportedly self-enriching activities while in office, which actions have already been adjudged by both the Lower Court and the Supreme Court as illegal.


FURTHERMORE, I am confident that if one were to inquire with this same reporter today they would hear a very different opinion, because it has been reported that he has since realized that Liberty was no scam or get-rich-quick scheme, that Liberty had actually conducted a very professional business and made significant mineral discoveries to the point that many large global mineral companies during the historic bull-run on gold prices began clambering all over the Ministry of Lands and Mines attempting to acquire license to the Liberty properties through whatever means possible including, in at least some instances, bribery and violating international anti-corruption standards, and that rather than Lindstrom possibly running some “get-rich-and-run” scheme was actually so deeply committed to the task and responsibility at hand that he literally laid everything he ever had including his personal wellbeing and his life on the line to protect his shareholders and everyone’s investment as well as his own much-valued integrity – something that is almost unheard of in the resource industry or any other business that has stakeholders’ money at risk – and one of the burning desires in Len Lindstrom’s spirit for the last five years has been to prove that this reporter’s initial skeptical opinion was completely wrong – and as such I greatly look forward to arranging a lengthy interview with Mr. Baines as soon as I return to Canada to set the record straight in what should make for a very interesting interview.


Nevertheless, there is one very relevant comment that should be mentioned, found in the conclusion of the article wherein the reporter states that, generally speaking, he found it ludicrous to think that a comparatively new company such as Liberty “…can find and develop an economically viable resource in a faraway and POLITICALLY RISKY PLACE LIKE LIBERIA” – indicating that Mr. Baines through his many years of experience of reporting on junior companies understood much more at the time about “GEO-POLITICAL RISK” and the manipulative games that can be engineered against resource companies, be they juniors or majors, by questionable government tactics and crooked officials in the Resource Sector – which Lindstrom and Liberty would soon receive a “crash-course” in, as the lawless games of MLME executives were just about to begin with the anniversary date for Liberty’s licenses and contractually guaranteed extensions just around the corner – and thus would begin the principle part of the Liberty debacle as Liberty was about to run head-on into gross corruption and the devilish manipulations at MLME.


SO STICK TO THE FACTS, BOYS – the real hard core facts of the case as are clearly detailed and documented in chronological order throughout the Corruption book – and not someone’s opinion, skeptical remarks or speculative conjecture – be it a misinformed news reporter or an angry blogger venting nonsense out of frustration under some fictitious internet pseudonym – and it will quickly be seen that every one of MLME’s accusations are totally BASELESS UNTRUTHS which were either concocted in their own lying defense or were based on the erroneous opinions of others which this group of MLME ex-officials, in their desperation to cover their own guilt, have now twisted much further as they attempt to portray totally unfounded reports to the public as facts – when in actuality they are nothing more than complete UNFOUNDED NONSENSE!




Nevertheless, almost one year later, during which time MLME repeatedly manipulated Liberty and its licenses resulting in the loss of tens of millions of dollars in much-needed additional equity investment and almost destroying the company, as Liberty had already suffered through almost an entire year without receiving its contractually due Security of Tenure, which not only greatly endangered the future viability of the company, but also served to create tremendous apprehension and angst amongst a small group of shareholders who had become fully convinced that no matter what Liberty did, the executives at MLME who held the very future of the company in their hands were determined to take all Liberty’s licenses and properties regardless what the company did and their investment would end up being absolutely worthless, and as such, this very small group of angered frightened shareholders intentionally created problems with the Security Commission by claiming they had not qualified to invest with Liberty in an overt attempt to have the Security Commission force Liberty to return their investment funds, which they greatly feared would otherwise be lost.


Thus, the Commission naturally had to respond to the  complaints and on September 15 2009, issued a Cease Trade Order which stated, “Under section 164(1) of the Act, the executive director orders that trading in the securities of Liberty cease until: 1.) Liberty files an accurate Form 45-106F1, and, 2.) The executive director makes an order under section 171 of the Act revoking this order,” to which Liberty immediately responded with a series of submissions confirming the accuracy of all the company’s latest news reports and exploration activities as well as the company’s understanding of the status of its many hundreds of investors, which reduced the complainant parties to a mere five people whose right to invest still remained questionable at that time amounting to a total of approximately $146,000 CDN which number could possibly still be reduced – see CTO on page 346 and note that this readily refutes the spurious comment that Lindstrom left such details out of his Corruption book – and on November 6 2009 the CTO was extended to the neighboring province of Alberta.


Nevertheless, Liberty directors and a few highly committed friends helped by sending personal  monies which were totally unsecured to protect the company by paying license fees to Ministry of Finance, but MLME executives continued their manipulations and began to extort the very monies sent to pay Government of Liberia, and then once MLME realized that the company was still able to make its payments, MLME wickedly shifted gears and began to accuse Lindstrom  of being a “Prohibited Person” who was not allowed to conduct business in Liberia, which completely false assertion was again clearly refuted in Cllr. Clark’s letter to Dr. Shannon and MLME on September 21 2010, but MLME obviously did not care what the true definition of a prohibited person was as they were apparently “hell-bent-for-leather”  determined to fulfill their wicked agenda and to personally profit from the illegal sale of Liberty’s much coveted properties – and it would soon be learned that they had already started granting illegal licenses over one month earlier to companies such as Ascension / IAMGold Corp and Southern Cross  Investments.


Furthermore, multitudes of publicly traded companies experience CTOs for various reasons after any perceived error or violation is corrected and then continue on with normal business activities to the protection of their shareholders and to ensure that all business is conducted in an orderly fashion – but due to the ever-worsening actions of MLME it was virtually impossible for Liberty to complete any of the many additional multi-tens of million dollar investment deals Liberty worked on, all of which deals Liberty would have been  taken directly to the Commission for approval, as the stranglehold MLME had on Liberty ensured that no deal could be completed regardless of what Liberty did, as MLME simply would not give the company its rightful security of tenure – but as soon as this present legal matter is settled in Liberia Liberty will deal with the issue of the CTO which would have been cleared up a long time ago had it not been for the on-going illegal actions at MLME which repeatedly stonewalled Liberty .


Therefore, I emphasize again that the CTO was the direct result of the illegal actions of MLME because “happy investors” do not intentionally create problems for a company they are part owner of – furthermore, it is a known fact which was reported to the Securities Commission that Liberty was so determined to conduct its affairs in accordance with all security regulations that the company, at the direct order of Lindstrom, turned down approximately 300 individuals who earnestly wanted to invest during the short period of time in question because despite the fact that Liberty could have well used the extra capital, management did not believe they qualified under the applicable exemptions – not exactly the type of action that a Swindling Thief or Pathological Liar would undertake who was intent on running away with investor’s money – and as such the CTO in no way justifies MLME’s totally false accusations of fraud, deception, thievery or embezzlement – all of which unfounded accusations are fabricated concoctions of their own twisted thinking and excuses.




Consequently, it should be readily apparent that MLME and government of Liberia, or at least the Ministry’s ex-officials, are attempting to use this latest smokescreen and malicious character assassination as their last-ditch means of putting additional pressure on the Supreme Court in their quest and stated desire to overturn the honorable SUPREME COURT’S FINAL JUDGMENT, which is further evidenced by the FACT that Ministry of Justice, acting on behalf of MLME and Government of Liberia filed a “MOTION TO RE-ARGUE” the Liberty case, which case has already been firmly decided and unanimously ruled upon by all five astute Justices of the Supreme Court.

Hence, it is my opinion which is shared by many, that, MLME and Government of Liberia intend to use this fresh pile of false accusations as some kind of supposed new evidence as directly alluded to in Dr. Shannon’s press release, when he stated, “Probably the Courts will have to decide once more. There are many provisions in the Mining Law that can still hook this crook,” – to which one would understandably ask, if there are so many provisions in the Mining Law that are all geared and designed against investors to expropriate their licenses and investment, why were they not raised during the Court process –and why at the same time does there appear to be no provision or willingness to punish corrupt government officials! 

For the record, I have absolutely no legal background nor have I received any legal advice in writing this response, in fact my lawyer does not even know that I have written it or that I am holding this press conference – he will only learn of it in the newspapers tomorrow – but I do know that the “RULES OF COURT” as they apply to the Supreme Court of Liberia, do make allowance for the losing or dissatisfied party to file a MOTION TO RE-ARGUE, but that legal courtesy is strictly guided by at least two preeminent factors, first, the legal grounds stated in any Motion To Re-Argue must clearly show that the honorable Justices of the Supreme Court erred in their judgment, but the grounds submitted by MLME and Government of Liberia are clearly inadequate as their objections have already been very meticulously examined and thoroughly refuted in the 57-page Opinion of the five astute Justices, and furthermore, the Final Judgment was not a split decision but rather a unanimous 5-0 clear-cut decisive Ruling, thus, in my humble opinion which is shared by many, the grounds for re-argument are not legally valid and the Motion is subject to dismissal on those grounds alone.

Secondly, the Rules of Court clearly state that a Motion to Re-argue must be filed within three (3) days of the Final Judgment, excluding Sundays, and being as the Final Judgment was rendered on Friday, January 10 2014, and His Honor, Chief Justice Francis S. Korkpor, in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling had subsequently signed an Order for the Lower Court to resume jurisdiction and enforce the judgment, in which document His Honor instructed the Clerk to deliver said Writ to the Lower Court on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 at 8:00 PM, and being as the Ministry of Justice did not file their Motion to Re-argue until two hours later, at 10:00 PM on January 15, 2014, which was the fifth day, or fourth day excluding Sunday, and still did not serve it to Liberty’s counsel until the following afternoon at 2:35 PM on Thursday, January 16 2014, which was the sixth day, or fifth excluding Sunday, clearly reveals that the government-filed Motion to Re-Argue was filed late, well beyond the mandatory three-day statutory limitation allowed by Court Rules, and as such the Motion is TIME-BARRED and completely INADMISSIBLE

But there is little doubt Ministry of Justice was well aware of the lateness of their filing, and also highly cognizant of the fact that the Supreme Court would close prior to the Motion being dealt with and most assuredly dismissed, hence it is my opinion which is again shared by many others, that this was simply one more underhanded tactic for Government of Liberia to further delay Liberty from receiving its appropriate reinstatement of licenses and subsequent damages – or as one party so appropriately stated – “the last kick of a dying horse!”

Thus Liberty was once again left hanging in wait mode for Supreme Court to reopen for its March Term which Court reopened this two days ago, and Liberty remains highly confident that the honorable Supreme Court of Liberia, which has already unanimously ruled against MLME and government in Liberty’s favor, will not be influenced by the aforesaid late-filed Motion, nor will they be swayed by the foolish allegations and completely unfounded and libelous character assassination made by this group of desperate Ex-Officials  – but will rapidly complete the legal process and continue to do all which is correct, legal, just, proper and equitable in this matter.

Hence, from a legal perspective, MLME executives can spin and fabricate all the lies, mistruths, distorted half-truths and concocted allegations they want to against Lindstrom, but the underlying FACT remains that their actions undertaken against Liberty were completely illegal, as has already been clearly and unanimously adjudged by both the Lower Court and the Supreme Court, and no amount of intentional lies or unfounded accusations against Len Lindstrom can change that fact.

In the final analysis, the Highest Court in the land has ruled, and even if every one of the totally unfounded allegations raised against Lindstrom were true, which they definitely are not, it would not change the outcome of the present case, as Due Legal Process is an individual and corporate guaranteed right as is clearly enshrined in the Laws and Constitution of Liberia – and MLME executives, in what appears to be their blind and reckless haste to personally profit from the resale of Liberty’s licenses coupled with their ill-founded belief that they could manipulate licenses anyway they so desired, abysmally failed to follow DUE LEGAL PROCESS in the illegal termination and illegal resale of Liberty’s properties. End of story and, in my opinion, end of case!


Furthermore, it must be stated that the more these former MLME executives continue to publicly parade their wicked agendas and continue attempting to twist and circumvent the law and refuse to obey Court Orders, the more they will make Liberia look like some kind of lawless “BANANA REPUBLIC” where international investment is totally insecure and where government executives, whether past or present, can freely and arbitrarily act as though they are above the law and are a law unto themselves, to twist, pervert, badger  and bully their way through problems without any fear of repercussion for their illegal activities nor the slightest concern for how the international investment community views the country – which is a very sad and tragic condition that I personally along with every international investor I know and almost every Liberian citizen I encounter, would like to see changed and eradicated from society, and a fair and predictable framework firmly put into place so that Liberia can rapidly move forward with a much greater amount of international investment and real development in its natural resource sector can take place to everyone’s benefit!

In conclusion, let me state once again that TRUTH WILL UTIMATELY AND ALWAYS PREVAIL and as surely as light dispels darkness, Truth will readily expose falsehood and lies, and thus, in my opinion, these former MLME executives have only proven once again how underhanded their tactics were and how foolish people can act – or react – when greatly embarrassed and clearly caught with their hand in the cookie jar!


Nevertheless, this vilifying attack against Lindstrom’s character coupled with MLME and government’s attempts to further delay the Court judgment,  is not surprising, as despite the fact that the Liberty story has now truly gone global with multitudes following, including numerous foreign governments and a growing  portion of the international community including global stock markets  and international financiers, most of whom are now aware that the iron ore license over the Putu property issued to Mano River Resources was illegal being as Liberty had precedent and exclusive license to this property, which, as already proven, is an undeniable FACT clearly documented in the book and which no amount of MLME lies or twisted reinventions of contract terms or fictitious redefinitions of what is a mineral can change or alter – yet Government of Liberia is still, to this day, reported to be working behind the scenes to rapidly complete a new MDA over the Putu Mountain property with Sevestral, the huge Russian steel company which through a stepped process purchased the illegal license from Mano River Resources, aka Afferro Mining and Aureus Mining, even though Liberty has repeatedly contested Mano’s legal right to the license.

Now, in an almost unbelievable demonstration of the total lack of concern or respect for OBLIGATION OF CONTRACT as enshrined in Article 25 of the Constitution, which obligation is to the first valid and legally binding contract and not to any subsequent contracts which were illegally granted – nevertheless, it is reported that both Sevestral and Government of Liberia are stating this was a previous matter and Sevestral is not part of the dispute between Liberty and Mano, so they are reportedly attempting to proceed with a new MDA license to Sevestral as quickly as possible – which if these reports are true, which they appear to be – would understandably show even greater reason why all official parties concerned are attempting to paint Lindstrom as a crook and a thief, and will undoubtedly make all international investors, concession holders and concession monitors wonder if anyone in this country has any real regard for binding contracts or legal precedence of license – or does Government of Liberia realize what kind of message this would send to the entire world, especially when any sensible Ministry overseeing a country’s natural resources would surely want to fully resolve one conflict over a property license before compounding the problem with yet another license as though no dispute existed.

Furthermore, despite the fact that Liberty’s dispute over the Putu property is primarily with MLME and Government of Liberia as well as with Mano River Resources and the two companies Mano split into – Sevestral should be absolutely enraged with Mano River – not with Liberty – and it must also be pointed out that whether or not Sevestral can truly claim they were unaware of the original dispute over the license at the time they entered into their initial illegal agreement with Mano River Resources, there is no possible chance of Sevestral making the same claim concerning any completion of a new contract with Government of Liberia under the present well-publicized legal battle over original license – especially with the international community closely watching as MLME attempts to turn the battle already won by Liberty into little more than a legal three-ring circus including government-appointed clowns.


Consequently, in view of all the foregoing, it perhaps sheds more light on the reason why I have been told through several sources that the latest plan of action concocted by MLME and Government of Liberia is to still further “TIE THE LIBERTY CASE UP IN COURT” and continue frustrating and starving Lindstrom until he finally leaves Liberia empty-handed, and at the same time to use the media and internet to PAINT LINDSTROM AS A FRAUDSTER, A CROOK, A SHYSTER AND A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, which by the latest barrage of slanderous news reports has sufficiently been done, and if those initial tactics do not work to create and construct any means possible to ENTRAP LINDSTROM IN SOME BOGUS CHARGE THEY PLAN TO SET UP AND HAVE HIM EITHER INCARCERATED OR DEPORTED FROM LIBERIA, and in the event that all three of these devious plans fail, to ultimately just dispose of Mr. Lindstrom himself and thereby rid themselves and government of Liberia of this massive problem – in other words – KILL MR. LINDSTROM!

As stated, these latest reports are unconfirmed and as such do not constitute documentable FACT, nevertheless, in addition to receiving such sinister reports from concerned people including some inside government circles, who shall remain nameless, I have received literally hundreds upon multiple hundreds of earnest warnings from multitudes of deeply concerned people, both Liberian and Expat, who are very worried about my personal safety and have stated that I should be extremely careful as there are powerful people in Liberia who are greatly angered by my bold exposé of their actions and illegal agendas.

Nevertheless, despite the recent strong warnings and the previous heated threats against my life which were made directly to me by government officials in the presence of witnesses, I have never felt overly endangered in Liberia, and I still find it hard to conceive that anyone could be so foolish, especially with so much of the international and global community now closely monitoring the Liberty case, as such an event would surely deliver the ultimate blow to whatever amount of credibility Liberia has remaining with the international community – as much to Liberia’s credit, this is not the DRC, Angola or Sudan, etc, where an investor boldly speaking out against corruption would have surely had to give up long ago or would have most surely already been exterminated.

Nevertheless, I personally believe that as long as there is a God in Heaven, such an untimely and tragic ending to this saga cannot and will not occur – but at the same time, I am very cognizant of the huge amount of money, mineral licenses, government players and third party companies involved in this legal battle and the incredibly high stakes in this venture, and the obvious high risk involved, especially in light of the many threats and earnest warnings received, that my unrelenting determination to continue battling this ingrained system of corruption which has destroyed the Liberty companies, destroyed my family, and unjustly deprived our more than 700 Canadian shareholders – thus I will not quit the battle until Liberty receives all that is just and due!


So in conclusion, ladies and gentlemen, I will say it again – next time these Ex-Officials want to call someone a “PATHOLOGICAL LIAR” …. I suggest they do so while LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!

Furthermore, it is not Len Lindstrom who has attempted to “BLACKLIST” this group of ex-officials – but in the event they do end up being blacklisted, let it be clearly understood that it will be the direct result of their own corrupt and illegal dealings, coupled with the fact that they themselves are the ones who have now caused the story to go even further abroad in international news and stock market reports, or as most appropriately stated in the analogical oratory of the great frontier woodsman who became the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, “THE THING THAT KILLS A SKUNK IS ITS OWN PUBLICITY!”


As to the ugly comments so ignorantly and blasphemously stated about my faith in God and the Promises of the Bible, I will address that entire issue in a separate and soon to come Press Release, because, as much as one must possess and maintain strong FAITH IN GOD to boldly and justly wage a battle against corruption for the legitimate rights of the company and its shareholders, especially when it is being done as basically one lone man taking on the system in a foreign country that has been labeled as the Most Corrupt Nation in the World, and in which country the newspapers are filled almost daily with reports of missing millions and abuse of government positions – this is still not a religious battle – this is primarily a legal battle to regain all that which Liberty was maliciously, intentionally and illegally cheated out of by MLME and Government of Liberia, primarily through the intentional actions of the above stated MLME individuals and others who now falsely accuse me.

Nevertheless, I will conclude with one statement about the Bible, and that is that IF GOD IS REAL, which I firmly believe He is, these people who have fought so hard against Lindstrom and Liberty and continue doing their utmost to cheat and deprive Liberty’s hundreds of shareholders of whom the vast majority are solid born-again, Bible-believing Christians, they might want to seriously reconsider their ways and reflect on the strong warnings in the Bible about sudden, imminent and cataclysmic judgment against those who so mercilessly and unjustly attack those believers who have firmly placed their trust and confidence in God and His unfailing Word. 

Furthermore, if for any unknown reason God in His infinite wisdom should allow such an untimely event wherein the termination of my life on this planet would be engineered by any of the antagonistic parties herein, I WOULD STILL WIN – because I firmly believe I would go straight to be with JESUS – and they unfortunately, would go straight to HELL – which is certainly not something that any true Christian would ever want to see happen to anyone – but suffice it to say that ultimately I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE AND I HAVE NO FEAR of the cost to do so as these crooked executives and Government of Liberia have already succeeded in taking everything from me and I have absolutely nothing more to lose! 

Now back to the principle issue at hand – get the book and learn the true facts behind the Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia case and let the details, the evidence, the documents and irrefutable facts contained therein speak for themselves – and MAY THE TRUTH PREVAIL TO THE GLORY OF GOD and to a brighter and more glorious day for Liberia!  The download address again is

May God bless Liberia, and may God bless and protect Liberty and me, and may He bring this matter to its rightful conclusion, and may God in His divine grace be merciful enough to even grant forgiveness to all the individuals who have done so much unnecessary and totally unwarranted harm to the Liberty company, its shareholders, employees and creditors!

Thank you and God bless!