Friday, March 14, 2014

Heritage (Monrovia)

Liberia: I Have No Criminal Record - Canadian Investor Fires Back

The President and Chief Executive Officer of the Liberia Mineral Resource Group has denied having any criminal record at home and Liberia as claimed by former top officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME).

According to Mr. Len Lindstrom, he had never been wanted by the police nor been questioned concerning any matter as claimed by the former Lands and Mines officials.
It can be recalled that while addressing a news conference two weeks ago, some former top officials of the (MLME) including former Minister, Mr. Eugene Shannon accused the Canadian investor of being a "fugitive and a pathological liar".
The assertions by the former Lands and Mines officials were in response to a book published by Mr. Lindstrom, title: "Corruption 101 Liberia Style", which implicated the ex-government officials of their alleged involvement in corruption.
"I, Len Lindstrom, have absolutely no criminal record, nor have I ever had any record of criminal activity, nor have I ever been charged by the police with any felony or misdemeanor, big or small - not in Canada, not in Liberia, nor in any other country - and I am not, nor have I ever been wanted by the police, not even for questioning concerning any matter," he explained.
"I am not a fugitive hiding from justice or from Liberty's hundreds of shareholders from whom these Ex-Officials ridiculously state I stole millions of dollars, nor any of the other completely nonsensical accusations which these foolish MLME executives have so boldly and publicly made against me," the Canadian investor noted.
He averred that the assertions by the ex-MLME officials was a vindictive plan of retaliation simply because he had openly exposed their "dastardly" deeds that took place at MLME and documented said deeds with "irrefutable facts."
"They have left me with absolutely no choice except to openly refute and publicly disprove the utter nonsense they have maliciously spread around the world about me, and as such, I must set the record straight - which I will now proceed to do by contrasting their malicious lies versus truth and their intentional false accusations versus facts," Mr. Lindstrom among other things added.