NATIONAL CHRONICLE - NOBODY CAN BLACKLIST US...Former Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy Officials React to New Vision Story

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Further malicious and slanderous character attacks against Len Lindstrom were published on February 25 2014, as the National Chronicle carried more of the packed weekend Press Conference conducted by the exposed and conspiring ex-officials of MLME who had been seriously indicted in the Corruption 101 book as they now continued their futile attempt to justify their illegal actions in the case of Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia  - but despite all the unfounded rubbish they are spouting off against Lindstrom they still have not produced one single bonafide documented piece of evidence to support any of their erroneous allegations - exactly the same as they failed to file one single document in court to substantiate their unfounded claims and lies which were purported on their behalf during the trial and hearings - which resulted in both the honorable Civil Law Court and then the honorable Supreme Court of Liberia adjudging their activites as illegal - and hence the next avenue of attack by the highly embarrassed MLME officilas is to attempt to villify and paint a picture of Len Lindstrom as a crook, a criminal, a wanted man, and a fugitive who stole multiplied millions of dollars and cannot even return home - which is simply more utter and absurd MLME nonsense - better known as complete "BOVINE FECES".
The picture on the front page of the National Chronicle shows (left to right) John Nylander, Carlton Miller, Dr. Eugene Shannon and Albert Chie – who according to the newpaper report were supported by Jonathan Mason, ECB Jones, Emmanuel Sherman and Jayjay Roosevelt – all ex-officials of MLME who had been sacked or removed from office for  corrupt or questionable activities involving numerous other instances at MLME besides the Liberty case.


NOBODY CAN BLACKLIST US...Former Ministry of Lands, Mines & Energy Officials React to New Vision Story

Tuesday February 25 2014