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11.01.2014 | 20:40 PM

Of late, nearly all the media outlets in the country have said or written something about him. He has accused several government officials of corruption. He said officials of government extort huge sums of money from his company and go with impunity. He said he has suffered massive corruption, extortion, economic sabotage yet with impunity and violation of court injunction.

Lindstrom has put his pen to paper, writing a book, “Corruption 101, Liberia Style”. He said the Liberty Group of Companies won a decisive judgment in the Civil Law Court on March 11, 2011 against the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy, ordering all Liberty mineral concessions and licenses reinstated. He accused the lands and mines ministry of illegally issuing its territories to third-party companies, adding that it takes two to tango, which means government corruption cannot flourish without having complicit dance partners in the form of unscrupulous international companies, which are willing to pay bribe and offer substantial secretly hidden shares in them in order to violate the rules of fair and honest business.

Lindstrom’s book documents numerous companies which arranged highly illegal transactions with the Ministry of Lands and Mines’ executives in order to acquire choice mineral properties and projects. He said, even after the court rendered judgment in favor of the Liberty Group of Companies, the lands and mines executives, in their insatiable greed and sense of impunity, ignored the order and continued their clandestine secret operation of selling Liberty’s properties, as though they were a law unto themselves and could get away with spitting in the face of justice.

He disclosed that, during the court process, the authorities of MLME attempted to bribe Liberty’s lawyer, the judge and the company’s general manager, but did not succeed. He said they were however successful in buying off the company’s original lawyer, as it was discovered that critical transcripts were removed from the official court record on two separate occasions, and that the lawyer had “eaten” almost US$200,000 in legal fees and made arbitrary and damaging changes to the original brief file in the Supreme Court, which was an attempt to undermine a client’s case.

The Canadian investor has promised to make his book available on the internet soon, due to the low income of Liberians. We are concerned about the damage this might cause the government. This is not the first time the government has been accused of corruption like this, one with international consequences. But we are concerned that, though there have been others, every exposé of this kind takes away something from the good governance credibility of the government. We await Lindstrom’s book on the internet.  

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