Monday, January 13, 2014

The New Democrat was one more of many local papers carrying the feature story that Len Lindstrom and the Liberty Group of Companies had won the battle against MLME and Government of Liberia in the honorable Supreme Court - Len pictured with Supreme Court Ruling in hand standing with his personal friend and company lawyer - the highly esteemed, straight shooting, not-for-sale, no back-room-deals Human Rights lawyer, Cllr Tiawan Gongloe of Gongloe & Associates, who is also one of Liberia's former well-respected Solicitor Generals - with his office photos of Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Porte behind - all of whom were true champions of faith and justice!
Note that newspaper reporters do not always get all the details of a story correct as in the following article  which incorrectly states that the properties were only in Grand Kru and Nimba County and further states that Liberty had paid US$160,000 when in actuality Liberty had paid approximately US$1,150,000 in license and land rental fees  to Government of Liberia - nevertheless, the headline speak the truth loud and clear - Whistleblower Wins!!!!

Article as follows:




Monday, January 13 2014 

By: Peter N Toby
The Canadian investor who recently raised alarm about white collar crime, corporate bribery and government corruption in a book he launched in Monrovia, has won a case against the government.
The Supreme Court last Friday upheld a verdict against the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy for wrongfully terminating the operational licenses of Leonard Lindstrom’s company for doing mining business in Grand Kru and Nimba County respectively.
The court further ordered its clerk to send a mandate to the lower court to resume jurisdiction over the case and to enforce its judgment allowing the Canadian to operate his mining company in the country.
The Canadian’s book entitled, “Corruption 101: Liberian Style”, focuses on the Canadian’s fight for justice in the midst of gross corruption, extortion and economic sabotage, alleging that he had been repeatedly cheated, manipulated and lied to by officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy in his bid to explore investment possibilities in Liberia.
The Civil Law Court held the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy liable for violating Section 17.2 of the mining regulation adding that the Canadian investor was not accorded due process before the government revoked his license.
The Supreme Court ruling rejected the contention of the government, saying that Mr. Lindstrom should be accorded due process as provided by the Constitution and several provisions of the statutes and regulations.
The higher Court maintained that the Canadian investor was not accorded his legal rights with the mining regulation of the country.
Mr. Lindstrom, founder of the Liberty Group of Companies comprising six mining companies filed a lawsuit against the Ministry for wrongfully withdrawing his companies’ licenses in 2005 after paying US$160,000 to do mining business here.
Interestingly, the Ministry informed him that previous money paid by him went into individuals pockets.
Peter N. Toby