NEW VISION - SEVERAL EX-OFFICIALS BLACKLISTED GLOBALLY ...As Canadian Investor Taints Ex-Officials of Lands and Mines

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Thursday - January 23 2014

Dishonesty in the Liberian society, especially in public sector, is a perennial problem in the country that has become a menace to undermine the Country’s progress. The misuse of public funds by certain individuals within both the government and private sector is not helpful and hampers productivity.

Over the years, people who are greedy for money and have weak allegiance to the State considered government not as a place to render due service to their nation but as a source of rapid personal enrichment.

Several former officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) hard earned reputations have been tainted and brought into public disrepute internationally for their alleged involvement in corruption. The ex-officials names have released on major stock exchanges around the world including the New York and Canadian Stock Exchange.

The ex-officials of MLME include Jonathan Mason, Eugene Shannon, Albert Chie who is also a Senatorial aspirant for Grand Kru County and former Assistant Minister Murray Gessler, Carlton Miller, ECB Jones, John Nylander Deputy Minister for Administration, and Emmanuel Sherman Assistant Minister for Exploration.

Mr. Len Lindstrom, a Canadian investor and President CEO of Liberty International Mineral has tainted and destroyed these ex-officials reputations through the publication of his recent book titled Corruption 101, released and distributed to diplomatic missions and embassies around the world, as well as United nations and friendly governments.

Mr. Lindstrom’s action has the propensity to send a negative signal globally about the government commitment to fight corruption, although the government has taken several actions against corrupt officials and put into place international best practices.

The president’s effort to confront corruption, fight it and bring to book any of her subordinates caught in such an ugly act has led to the dismissals of several persons while others have been prosecuted.

In a detailed book titled, Corruption 101, the Canadian investor globally blacklisted these dozen officials who played one role or the other in his current predicament. However, any of the accused ex-officials are yet to publicly response to Mr. Lindstrom’s accusation.

In the book, Lindstrom describes the treatment meted against him and his company as the worst any company or investor has had to been subjected to in Liberia.

After five years of utter nonsense, empty promises, repeated delays, starvation tactics, and still no clear solution, the time has come to set aside failed diplomatic measures and to finally speak out and relate the full Liberty story complete with ample documentation to verify and substantiate this report of the many injustices perpetrated against the Liberty Company and its hundreds of committed shareholders.”

Speaking recently on various talk shows in Monrovia, Mr. Lindstrom also lists officials he says were signatories to MLME letters authorizing payments to the Ministry of Finance for illegal licenses issued to third party companies over Liberty licensed properties in direct violation of highly-prohibitive court orders. Those officials include: John Kollie, Director of Finance, Cooper Pency, Director of MCIMS and Sam Russ, Deputy Minister of Operations.

He alleged that Lindstrom writes that both Sherman and Miller worked for Liberty as geologists during the company’s initial period of exploration prior to their appointment to executive positions at the ministry, and during the period gained first-hand knowledge of the mineral potential of Liberty concession areas.

He said: “I came to Liberia with one intention: to help the post-war nation explore its mineral potential and convince other investors that the post-war nation was open for business.” It was 2004, the era of the National Transitional Government of Liberia (NTGL) headed by businessman Gyude Bryant, when investors were still shy about the climate and much of the nation’s infrastructure were in tatters and mineral companies in no rush to do business in a post-war nation on the rebound from war.

Lindstrom recalls how some officials, including ministers and their deputies, lured and encouraged him to enter the mining business. “Many of the officials invited me and said, ‘Len, we like what you’re doing, we like your style, we like your spirit, would you come and revitalize our mineral sector which we have been lacking all these years because of the civil war.’”

He further alleged that former Minister Shannon, Roosevelt Jayjay, Miller and Sherman were the principle signatories to illegal licenses issued by MLME over Liberty properties, all of whom surely knew and understood the Mineral Law and Constitution of Liberia and consequently had to be fully cognizant of the utter illegality of their actions.

During the period, the investor says his company brought in 21 geologists from Ghana and employed up to three hundred people in the forest, especially contract workers in the outline areas, working hard and heavy, transitioned into mineral exploration agreements.

Lindstrom says all of those agreements were ratified under the current regime, under the UP government and have gone through by GEMAP, approved by Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy.

We promise to have public as soon we reach those accused former officials for their side of the accusations.