Monday, June 16, 2014

The NEWS (Monrovia)
16 June 2014

Liberia: International Lawsuit Hangs Over Liberia
By Jimmey C. Fahngon
Canadian investor Len Lindstrom has threatened to take the Liberian government to the international court for refusing to adhere to the Supreme Court's ruling.
Last January, the Liberia Supreme Court ruled that the government reinstate all of Liberty Group of Companies' mineral licenses. The Civil Law Court had earlier ruled in favor of Mr. Lindstrom, but the government took an appeal to the Supreme Court which confirmed the lower court's decision.
Mr. Lindstrom took the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy to court for revoking his companies' mineral licenses and subsequently taking possession of his concessionaires.
Addressing a news conference Saturday, Mr. Lindstrom said the action by the government not to respect the court order has caused him serious problems back home with his shareholders.
He said the shareholders are now contemplating taking the Liberian government to the International Court for refusing to adhere to the court ruling.
The Canadian investor also said the delay by the government to implement the court ruling has led to him losing his residence in Canada.
He said also his family has been made homeless as a result of government continuous refusal to respect the court order.
Mr. Lindstrom said instead of the government finding means to reconcile with him, it is secretly backing former officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy to slander his character.
He said government is doing everything possible to strangulate him so that he can abandon the case and flee from Liberia.
But the Canadian investor said no amount of delay, threats and maneuvering will cause him to abandon the case as he's determined and committed to pursue it to logical conclusion.