Friday, March 14, 2014


“TOTAL NONSENSE” …Investor Blasts Eugene Shannon, Others


Friday, March 14 2014

By:  Jimmey C. Fahngon

A Canadian investor, Len Lindstrom has termed as ‘total nonsense’ comments made against him by former officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy in which he was referred to as a crook, criminal and fraudster.

Mr. Lindstrom said instead of Dr. Shannon and others addressing the substantive issues raised in his Corruption 101 book, they chose to call him criminal thereby evading the issues.

Recently, Dr. Shannon and other ex-officials of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy described Mr. Lindstrom as a crook, criminal, fraudster, thief, embezzler, fugitive, pathological liar and a false prophet.

The Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy ex-officials comments against Lindstrom case as a result of a book published by the Canadian investor in which he accused them of corrupt practices during their tenures at the Ministry.

Mr. Lindstrom accused the ex-officials of illegally selling properties of this company, Liberty Group of Companies in violation of the Civil Law Court’s order.

During their press conference, Dr. Shannon and others said Mr. Lindstrom is a fugitive who allegedly embezzled huge money from people in his country for which he cannot return home.

But addressing a news conference, Mr. Lindstrom said he does not have any criminal record as claimed by Dr. Shannon and his cohorts.

He claimed that he has never been charged by the police with any felony or misdemeanor in Canada, Liberia or any other country, contrary to Dr. Shannon’s claims.

“I am not a fugitive hiding from justice or from Liberty’s hundreds of shareholders from whom these ex-officials ridiculously stated I stole millions of dollars, nor any of the other completely nonsensical accusations which these foolish former executives of the Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy have boldly and publicly made against me.”

Mr. Lindstrom said he can travel to Canada at any time without any fear of being arrested.

The Canadian investor said it is so frustrating and disappointing for the learned ex-officials to accuse him without providing any documentary evidence.

Mr. Lindstrom said the time the ex-officials took to accuse him they should have taken to exonerate themselves from the corruption allegations against them.

“In my opinion, these former executives have only succeeded in making complete fools of themselves in the media and also seriously opened themselves to a massive libel suit in their intentional malicious slander and defamation of my character with complete disregard for the truth which in my opinion was a vindictive plan of retaliation simply because I had openly exposed the dastardly deeds that took place at the Ministry and documented said deeds with irrefutable facts,” Mr. Lindstrom said.