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Len Lindstrom Slams Corruption and Government Meddling with the Courts
Wednesday June 14  2014
Monrovia Liberia
Ladies and Gentlemen, people of Liberia, and respected members of the fourth estate – let me get straight to the point today as we address the issue of corruption in the resource sector and reported meddling of government in attempting to indefinitely delay the firm judgment of the honorable Supreme Court in the Liberty vs Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) and Government of Liberia (GOL) case.
The majority of Liberians along with a multitude of foreign governments and international agencies, corporations and individuals are highly cognizant of the fact that Liberty won a clear, decisive and landmark victory against MLME and GOL in the Civil Law Court on March 11 2011 in which the honorable court adjudged the actions of MLME as “illegal, irregular, improper and unlawful” and ordered the Government to reinstate and extend all Liberty Group of Companies’ mineral licenses.
They also know that corrupt executives at MLME, in their determination to unjustly capitalize on all the geological work and substantial discoveries made by Liberty, completely ignored the Permanent Injunction imposed against them by the Court and recklessly continued their self-serving agenda to market Liberty licensed concessions to numerous third-party companies in blatant, willful and reckless violation of strict prohibitive Court Orders which actions were all undertaken in complete contempt of court and as such are punishable by law.
Nevertheless, GOL filed an appeal to the Supreme Court which kept being delayed until finally 2 ½ years later, on July 1st 2014, the case was assigned and heard but no judgment appeared to be forthcoming, which led Len Lindstrom to write the exposé entitled “Corruption 101 – Liberia Style” which irrefutably documented the underhanded, illegal and flagrantly corrupt activities of MLME.
The book was distributed to numerous embassies, anti-corruption groups, international agencies and governments as well as to several global stock exchanges and securities commissions before being announced and released to the public on January 5 2014.
Interestingly, despite the fact that the Opinion and Final Judgment of the Supreme Court was reported to have been already determined and written months earlier in Liberty’s favor, no assignment had been issued but within four (4) days of the release of the book an assignment was suddenly issued by the Supreme Court and the Final Judgment handed down on January 10 2014 – which Final Judgment stated that the honorable judge did not err in granting judgment to Liberty and confirmed that the actions of MLME and GOL were illegal, and further ordered that the licenses granted to all other companies over Liberty properties in privity with MLME were null, void and of no legal effect and ordered that all such companies were to immediately cease operations on the properties.
Consequently, the majority of people have been under the assumption that after such a long and costly battle against rampant government corruption and misuse of ministerial appointed positions, Liberty had won the battle and the licenses returned and joyful congratulations flowed in from multitudes of people in Liberia and around the world – but unfortunately the story was still far from over.
Instead of finally conceding to the clear and explicit orders of the Highest Court in the land, Ministry of Justice gave what some lawyers have called the “last kick of a dying horse” by filing a Motion for Re-argument at 10:00 PM on January 15 2014, which is an irrefutably bogus and late filed document being as the Rules of Court state very clearly that the filing of a Motion to Re-Argue must be filed within three (3) days of the judgment, and being as the Motion was filed late at night on the fifth day and not delivered to Liberty legal counsel until the afternoon of the sixth day, January 16th, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Motion is Time-Barred and completely inadmissible and was filed only as a means to frustrate and indefinitely delay the impending enforcement of the Final Judgment delivered to Liberty.
Furthermore, the Rules of Court dictate that a Motion to Re-argue must clearly state the legal grounds on which the Movant believes the Supreme Court erred in its ruling, but the reasons given in their Motion had all been clearly and meticulously refuted in the 57-page Opinion prepared and delivered by the five astute justices of the Supreme Court who ruled unanimously in Liberty’s favor against Government of Liberia, but it has been frequently reported that the filing of the Motion was the direct result of intense pressure exerted by the Executive Branch of Government, which in my opinion, if true as repeatedly reported (or why else would the Supreme Court deliver such a powerful and unanimous judgment against government and then five days later suddenly accept a late filed and Time-Barred Motion) indicates the strong likelihood of a serious violation of the Constitution of Liberia as no branch of government is to usurp authority over another and no appointed or elected official is to attempt to interfere with the honorable Court in its impartial judgment and ruling of a case.
Nevertheless, I do not believe it was the fault of the Court, but of those who are continually attempting to thwart Liberty, since I, Len Lindstrom, have received numerous reports from reliable sources following the Final Judgment that certain members of government, past and present, had devised a four-fold plan of action to deal with Lindstrom and Liberty because of the magnitude of the case and its serious ramifications – which plan was reported as follows:

  1. To continue to tie Liberty up in court and frustrate Lindstrom until he finally leaves Liberia in defeat – as further evidenced by the completely bogus and late filed Motion in Supreme Court;
  2. To slander and denigrate Lindstrom in the press and international media in an attempt to turn public opinion against Lindstrom and to create a smokescreen to hide or justify their grossly illegal actions, as seen in the totally unfounded and bogus accusations published by MLME executives to vilify my character;
  3. To find or create any means possible to entrap and fabricate criminal charges against Lindstrom and to have him unjustly jailed or deported as an undesirable character;
  4. And, in the event all else fails, to have Lindstrom exterminated – killed – with the foolish idea such action would eliminate their problems and for which I have since received multiplied hundreds upon hundreds of earnest warnings to be extremely careful.

As many know, on February 23 2014,  a group of nine former MLME top executives spearheaded by Dr. Eugene Shannon, all of whom had been openly exposed and seriously implicated over their illegal actions undertaken while in office as is clearly documented in the Corruption 101 book, colluded together to concoct a malevolent attack against the character of Lindstrom in which they emphatically stated that Len Lindstrom stole 7.9 million dollars, then stole another $4,000,000  to buy himself an office building in Canada, then millions more to build himself a mansion for a home, and later stated that I even bought myself a yacht – all of which ridiculous assertions were complete and utter nonsense conjured up in their own devious little minds without the slightest shred of evidence to their preposterous claims.
The fact is that Len Lindstrom never stole even ten cents from Liberty investors – let alone multiplied millions of dollars – all of which rubbish accusations were nothing more than a spiteful and malicious attempt to cover their own sins and wrongdoings – and the truth of the matter is that I owned the office building for the last 30 years, and the boat which was nowhere near a yacht for several years before Liberty was even formed – and I have since lost everything due to the ongoing state of corruption in Liberia – but such are the utterly nonsense reports of government executives who have been clearly caught in their own web of repeated lies and extortive practices.
Furthermore, in an unbelievable display of arrogance and obvious belief that due to their political connections they are above the law and will continue to enjoy impunity regardless of what they do or say, Dr. Shannon and his former MLME cronies boldly declared that Len Lindstrom was a pathological liar, a criminal, a crook, a thief, an embezzler, a fugitive hiding from justice, that I could not return to Canada because I would be arrested as soon as I arrived, and that I was a false prophet, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, and (I love this one the best) a snake in the green grass!
These are very bold statements, which were not stated as their opinion but rather as emphatic assertions without the slightest shred of evidence, document or proof – and then Dr. Shannon with the support of his MLME cronies had the unmitigated audacity to state he was going to sue me for slander for what I wrote in my book about the illegal activities of these same crooked officials – all of which illegal activities were highly documented by clear and indisputable records with their personal signatures upon, which in my opinion indicates just how foolish intelligent people can become when they are blinded by greed and determined to hide their sins behind yet more lies and denials.
Furthermore, contrary to the ill-founded assertions of Dr. Shannon that the NTGL government did not do due diligence in checking out Len Lindstrom and were thus deceived by him, you will find two official government letters in the Corruption book on pages 577 and 578, which letters were written and sent by Ministry of Foreign Affairs Liberia to Ministry of Foreign Affairs Canada – the first letter requesting information and dossiers concerning the character and moral conduct of Mr. Lindstrom, and the second letter expressing the appreciation of Government of Liberia as they stated they had “…the honor to confirm the appointment of Hon. Leonard A. Lindstrom in the capacity of Liberia’s Honorary Consul General” – which hardly sounds like reports came back from Canada that Lindstrom was a crook, an embezzler and an international fraudster.
Consequently, I wrote a very lengthy rebuttal to their spiteful and totally ungrounded assertions in which I clearly refuted each and every point, but despite the fact that several reporters representing numerous newspapers were present at the press conference, not one paper wrote the full story or gave any of the details of the illegal acts of these same nine MLME executives. In fact, I was informed by one editor-in-chief of a major paper that about a week before the press conference certain government individuals offered him US$5,000 to print garbage about me, and he refused, but one of the subordinates later printed the full bogus story on the MLME press release, and another radio station host reported to me that he was called to a big meeting with the nine MLME officials at the compound on Old Road belonging to former Deputy Minister ECB Jones at which time they attempted to bribe him to air bogus trash about me but he also refused – thus it appears that certain government officials paid various news outlets large sums of money to print totally unfounded garbage while at the same time forbidding them to print my hard-hitting rebuttal to their spurious allegations.
Now let me take a moment to contrast the unfounded claims of these crooked MLME executives with some indisputable facts as outlined and clearly documented in the corruption book, as we consider the illegal actions perpetrated by these officials against Liberty and Lindstrom:
Former Assistant Minister Albert Chie and Minister Jonathan Mason were the two executives in power at MLME who illegally issued a license over top of Liberty’s exclusively licensed Putu Mountain concession to Mano River, which company has a history of corrupt dealings with MLME to acquire other companies’ choice mineral properties, and which company later split into Afferro Mining and Aureus Resources and then sold the concession to Sevestral and Putu Iron Mining Company – but that mineral license actually belongs to Liberty. Furthermore, despite Dr. Shannon’s completely false assertion that the Liberty license did not include iron ore, numerous documents are contained within the book which clearly show that the Liberty license was for gold and minerals which most certainly includes iron ore, but MLME executives saw a great opportunity to personally profit on the illegal transaction after which Afferro sold the illegally issued license for US$145,000,000 – which license and funds should be returned to Liberty and will be further pursued in courts of law. This is only one instance of the type of fraudulent activity concerning these two individual government executives.
Furthermore, in October 2005 Albert Chie and Deputy Minister Mulbah Willie wrote a strange letter to Liberty on official MLME letterhead requesting Liberty to make a payment of US$50,000 to Earthcons (the quasi-front consultation company run for many years as an on-the-side, conflict-of-interest mineral business operated by past and then-present MLME executives in which Mr. Chie was a principle player) and stated in the aforesaid letter that Liberty should deduct the same amount of US$50,000 from funds owing to MLME (in essence stealing from Government of Liberia).
In the same vein of abuse of government office, Minister Eugene Shannon and his Assistant Carlton Miller illegally terminated Liberty licenses without a hearing and without due process of law and immediately within three days illegally licensed Liberty’s choice Kpo Mountain range concession to Southern Cross Investments and issued another pre-arranged and long-sought illegal license to Ascension Resources which is the “phantom” quasi-extension exploration company of multi-billion dollar IAMGold Corporation to illegally acquire Liberty’s highly potential Belefunai gold project for what was frequently and widely reported to be an initial bribe of US$250,000 – which type of brown paper envelope, under-the-table transactions are clearly prohibited by all international standards and anti-corruption laws.
Once Minister Jayjay Roosevelt and his assistant Emmanuel Sherman gained office they continued the illegal and wicked agenda of MLME to license off all Liberty properties by repeatedly violating the strict prohibitive Injunction imposed against MLME by the honorable Lower Court, including issuing totally illegal licenses to numerous Australian companies such as Tietto Minerals on Liberty’s Grand Kru concession, Gryphon Minerals in NE Nimba, Castlegem in Gbarpolu and Upper St Paul and BCM International in the Kpo Range, as well as to Israeli based BSRG (Benny Steinmetz Resource Group) in Liberty’s Nimba South area – all of which illegal transactions were totally reckless and undertaken in direct and willful contempt of court – but no punitive action has been taken against any of the individuals involved.
And ECB Jones, aside from his former badgering of Liberty, had to be heavily involved in at least one of the illegal under-the-table license transactions which took place after the honorable Court had ordered all Liberty licenses reinstated, as Mr. ECB Jones, acting as Country Specialist Consultant for Planet Minerals of Australia – which company was comprised of several top executives from publicly traded Mineral Deposits of Australia to whom I had flown to Australia and promoted the highly potential Putu CVI gold project to, and who then secretly flew to Liberia and unscrupulously negotiated an illegal license over Liberty’s much coveted PUTU CVI gold project with the apparent influence and assistance of Mr. ECB Jones and his MLME cohorts, Emmanuel Sherman and Jayjay Roosevelt, who would have had to sign off on the illegal license issued to Planet Minerals on July 6 2011. See pages 504 507 in the book.
Strangely, this group of nine MLME executives who were all sacked over corruption related issues did not mention any of these blatantly illegal transactions in their bogus smoke-screen press release, but rather spent all their time conjuring up a mess of nonsensical malicious lies about Lindstrom and Liberty.
So ladies and gentlemen, next time these MLME Ex-Officials want to call someone a “PATHOLOGICAL LIAR” …. I suggest they do so while LOOKING IN THE MIRROR!
In addition to all the problems and multiplied millions of dollars lost as a result of the continuing delays in settling the case, Len Lindstrom has now also lost his home of over 30 years which has left his family homeless and destitute – a very disheartening situation while the government crooks who repeatedly manipulated and extorted Liberty and then illegally terminated all the company’s licenses and began marketing them off to what has been commonly reported as the highest under-the-table bidders for their own personal gain, and in direct violation of explicit and prohibitive Court Orders, and without Government of Liberia making a single comment about their illegal actions and absolutely no action taken to punish them, it is little wonder that the international community is increasingly wary of doing business in Liberia under this present system where corruption, extortion and impunity seem to reign supreme.
Furthermore, the latest tricks undertaken against Lindstrom include the blacklisting of his name to receive wire transfers through Western Union and Money Gram from supporters in Canada who have sacrificially funded his stay and legal costs in Liberia to fight this case, and not only has Lindstrom been barred but also Operation Manager Charles Davis, all for no reason except that something has happened in Liberia that the funds, already sent, cannot be received at this end indicating some false report was sent in by some influential agency in Liberia – thus funds have recently had to be wired in other people’s names which are readily received without problem – but this latest complication  serves to emphasize that there appears to be no limit to the underhanded tactics undertaken in Liberia in their ongoing attempts to starve out Lindstrom and sweep the entire Liberty debacle under the table as if no evil had ever been committed by government.
But let it be clearly known, that Liberty and Lindstrom will not capitulate to any threats, attacks, delays or abuse, nor will we ever give up the fight because the more dirty games government plays the more determined we become – and as long as there is a God in heaven Liberty will win this battle and receive all that is just, legal and equitable – especially with a firm and unanimous 5/0 Final Judgment already in hand from the Supreme Court of Liberia! And as such, we continue to place our confidence in the impartiality of the court system and in God Almighty who we believe will never fail His people!
Now gentlemen, put that on the global internet and let the public examine the hard facts and irrefutable evidence as clearly documented in the Corruption 101 book which is still available for free download in electronic format at www.corruption and then decide who are the real criminals, crooks, embezzlers and pathological liars – and as such they should perhaps claim their own title as the “true snakes in the Liberian green grass!”