Wednesday, March 12, 2014



Len Lindstrom Announces Website
Wednesday March 12  2014
Monrovia Liberia
Ladies and Gentlemen, people of Liberia, and respected members of the fourth estate –
this press conference is being held for the primary purpose of announcing that you can now receive your own copy of the “Corruption 101” book – something that has been constantly and earnestly requested ever since the book was published two months ago, so I will begin by giving instructions as to how you can now download the e-book from a new website entitled ‘’ – and I will also explain how, providing you are a bona fide Liberian citizen living in Liberia – you can receive the book FREE as my personal gift to every Liberian citizen.
Following that information I will proceed to use FACTS to clearly refute and tear to shreds – the myriad of false accusations and outright blatant lies published by a group of Ex-Officials of Ministry of Lands, Mines and Energy (MLME) during their big Press Conference two weeks ago, which media release was nothing more than a malicious, slanderous and libelous attempt to intentionally denigrate, vilify and demonize my character and reputation, in what I have been told the majority of local readers who are well accustomed to the conniving tricks of some government officials immediately recognized as an intentional “smokescreen” to cloud or obscure the illegal activities which took place at MLME and for which these ex-officials have been openly exposed in the Corruption 101 book – and further indicates all the more reason why it is imperative that every Liberian who wants to know the truth is able to access the TRUE FACTS behind the Liberty case – because as surely as light dispels darkness, TRUTH WILL ALWAYS DISPEL LIES – AND DOCUMENTED FACTS WILL REVEAL THE INTENTION BEHIND THESE FALSE ACCUSATIONS – or as the great pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi, so succinctly stated, “TRUTH WILL NEVER DAMAGE A CAUSE THAT IS JUST.”
But first, as most of you know, I, Len Lindstrom, President CEO of Liberty International Mineral Corp and the Liberty Group of Companies here in Liberia, held a press conference two months ago on January 5 2014 in which I announced that a well documented 618-page book had been published entitled “Corruption 101 - Liberia Style”, which rapidly caught the attention of much of the Liberian population as it openly exposed and documented the illegal activities of numerous executives who have presided over affairs in the Resource Sector.
The book immediately became the talk of the town and number one conversation piece in the nation as it openly revealed government-appointed officials whose illegal actions amounted to deliberate economic sabotage of our Liberty companies, and detailed numerous events during the five long frustrating years of Liberty attempting to resolve the issue with this group of totally recalcitrant, self-agenda-driven executives at MLME, which eventually developed into a lengthy legal process that increasingly gained international attention as it became one – and just one – of many high-profile stories of corruption that have collectively resulted in impeding much needed investment and greater development in the nation for the betterment of all Liberian lifestyles.
Following that initial press conference and several newspaper stories and radio interviews which followed, there was one clamoring question that I have been constantly barraged with – Where can I get a copy of the Corruption Book?
In fact, the hunger for the book was so great that many people literally chased me down the streets of Monrovia, shouting, “The Corruption book – I need a copy of the Corruption book” – but unfortunately it was impossible to place a copy in the hands of the thousands of people who requested it – as it cost US$72 per copy to print each book, and even though I was frequently offered $100 to $200 for a book, to date I have not sold a single copy but rather used the initial printed material as a means to increasingly make the International Community and Foreign Governments as well as major Institutional Bodies and Anti-Corruption Groups more aware of the factual and documented details behind the Liberty story!
But the good news is – the book is now available to anyone and everyone via the internet, and because this is such an important issue to all people of Liberia, the website has been set up so that all true Liberian Citizens living in country can download the book completely FREE, simply because I believe this is a story that all Liberians need to know the true FACTS and details about!
In addition to being able to access the book, the new website also contains a “NEWS FEED” which will enable the reader to follow the developments in the case of “Liberty vs MLME and Government of Liberia” including the latest news articles, radio interviews and television reports – all laid out in chronological order and in one easy-to-access location.
To download the book, simply log in to and fill in the order form. The website has been designed so that it is geographically sensitive”, meaning that it will recognize if your computer or electronic device is in Liberia, and if so, once you have filled in your initial registration information, a category field will automatically pop up with two boxes – ‘LIBERIAN CITIZEN’ or ‘LIBERIAN RESIDENT’ – and if you are a bona fide citizen when you click “LIBERIAN CITIZEN” the price will switch to $0. The category choice will be a matter of personal integrity, but it is our desire to join with you, the common every-day Liberian citizen, in your quest and goal of rooting out corruption in order to see a much better and more prosperous Liberia for the sake of all those, and their children, who have been deprived of opportunity or suffered unjustly due to the corrupt influences and illegal activities fostered and condoned by various individuals in positions of appointed power – especially as has been so blatantly evidenced in the lucrative Resource Sector of Liberia.
All other people, whether non-citizens residing in Liberia, or globally, can obtain the Corruption 101 book on-line by downloading a copy at the much reduced and more affordable purchase price of US$29.99 which can be paid on-line by credit card – and thus receive the full details and facts behind the highly intriguing Liberty story which is also a “Must-Read” for every International Investor.