Monday, January 13, 2014


  Canadian Investor wins case against Liberian Gov’t.
     January 13 2014

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The Supreme Court of Liberia has ruled in favor of the Canadian investor Leonard Lindstrom who in 2010, sued the ministry of lands, mines and energy.
Mr. Lindstrom sued the ministry for illegal the termination of the operations of his company, the Canada based Liberty International Mineral Corporation.
Liberty International Mineral Corporation president and Chief Executive Officer Lindstrom said his company’s operation license was withdrawn despite spending millions of dollars in license fees to the government and to employ 24 professional geologists and 300 workers and discovered 17 high potential mineral deposits.
He said the ministry of lands, mines and energy also irregularly issued his company’s licensed territories to third parties and expropriated its properties.
The Civil Law Court in 2010 found the Liberian government through the ministry of lands, mines and energy guilty of wrongdoing in the case involving Len Lindstrom and ordered the government to restore Liberty Mineral’s mining rights in Grand Kru and Nimba Counties.
Despite this ruling the lands, mines and energy ministry refused to restore his mining rights, thus forcing him to seek an appeal at the highest court in the country.
In its ruling last Friday, the Supreme Court has accordingly ordered its clerk to send a mandate to the Civil Law Court to resume jurisdiction over the case and to enforce its judgment allowing the Canadian to operate his mining company in the country.
The Supreme Court judgment came barely five days after the Canadian Leonard Lindstrom published a book titled: Corruption 101-Liberia Style, in which he chronicled high-level corruption in the Liberian government.